‘You’ll love this sponge’: This sponge comes in two colours, the blue sponge and the pink sponge

You’ll love our post on the new Stansout Beauty Sponges which comes in a wide range of colours and are available to buy online at www.stansoutsportswear.com, or via our Shop Now feature which offers you to order directly.

The new sponge is available to pre-order now.

We’ve also published a new video tutorial on how to use the StansOut Beauty Sponge to create an amazing face mask for the holidays.

And to celebrate the Stanesout Beauty Sponge’s launch we’ve created a brand new StanesOut Beauty Sponge Black and White collection in both Black and white.

The Black and Bronze Stanes Out Beauty Spouters come in a range of colors and are also available to purchase online at stansoutsportsswear