Why are women so attracted to their hair?

The best hair products are designed for women’s hair, according to a new report.

A recent study conducted by hair product experts at the British Columbia Hair Institute (BHII) found that the beauty sponge — made by the company Morphe Beauty — is the most popular beauty sponge in Canada.

It also comes in at number two on the list of the most-popular brands in the U.S. BHII also found that most beauty sponge users prefer to use it for longer-lasting curls and for their full-coverage.

“The sponge is ideal for long-lasting curl styles and for people with frizzy or rough, thick, curly, or full-on hair, because it allows you to get a deep and strong curl without the need to add more styling,” said Susanne Cawley, director of the BH II Hair Institute.

“With that said, the sponge is not a hair-stretching product.

It can be used as a hair styling product but, like any styling product, you want to do it right.

It’s not a ‘shampoo’ type of product.

If you’re trying to make your hair curl, you can’t just use a sponge, you have to apply a styling product first.”

The research also found the sponge’s popularity in Canada, where it has become a popular product among women with curly hair.

The popularity of the sponge, Cawleys research showed, is tied to women’s desire to keep their hair healthy and beautiful.

“We’re finding that women are not only using it for hair styling, they’re also using it as a moisturizer and moisturizer for their hair.

And the popularity of this product is just really strong for women,” Cawkins said.

“This is a product that they want to wear, and they want it to last them a long time.”

Cawkes said women also use the sponge to add some volume to their curls.

“They use it to give their hair a little extra volume,” she said.

Cawks also said the sponge can be a great choice for women who have very thick or very short hair, such as those with curly or thick, frizzy, or rough hair.

It helps to hold curls in place and gives you a natural lift.

“It’s a great product for curls, because they are a little bit longer than regular hair.

So they’re very, very frizzier, but also a little less frizzy,” she added.

Morphe beauty, which is based in Toronto, makes the sponge with a natural, water-based formula that comes in a variety of colors.

The sponge can also be used for curling, but Cawke says the sponge does not provide the curl-setting benefits that are often attributed to a sponge.

Instead, she said, it’s designed to help you hold curls longer.

“If you have curly hair, you really need to have a little help from a sponge to give your hair a curl,” she explained.

“But this sponge is really good for curly hair because it’s a little thicker and it has a little more curl.

So you don’t have to add anything to your hair to have good curl.”

Caws hair product research also indicated that the sponge works well for women with a “medium to thick” hair texture.

“Medium to thick hair can be difficult to control, but it is a little difficult to hold onto the sponge for a long period of time,” Caws said.

She added that the water-like formula of the product also provides the sponge some of the benefits of a natural hair moisturizer.

“These products, the one I’m using, is made with natural ingredients and there’s not really any water in it, so the product doesn’t feel too thick or greasy,” she pointed out.

“So it’s really good in terms of moisturizing and really great for women, for long hair.”

For women with longer hair, Caws recommends using the sponge as a curling or hair styling accessory.

“For curly hair that’s very, VERY frizzy and very,very hard to hold, a lot of women would say, ‘You know what, I don’t want to have to do anything, because I don.t have a sponge,’ ” Caws added.

“Because they want a little texture.

So a lot women like the sponge because they don’t need to use anything.

So it’s great for people that want a texture.”

For those with medium to thick, coarse hair, the BHAI also recommends using a natural-looking, watery-looking moisturizer, such the Morphe SkinnyMousse or Morphe Mousse Natural.

For women who don’t like the texture of the Morpha’s sponge, it comes in both a soft and thick texture.

It contains both water and glycerin.

The BHAi recommends using this product as a shampoo for women whose hair