Which products are sold by Pure Beauty, which products are still on sale and how much?

We’ve spent a few hours talking to Pure Beauty CEO Laura Smith about the company’s sales and pricing, and how it works in the real world.

Here are our favorite things we learned.


It’s not just about selling you products.

Smith explained that Pure Beauty is more about selling “pure beauty” than it is about selling beauty products.

That’s because Pure Beauty isn’t interested in selling your skin care products.

Instead, Smith said, Pure Beauty focuses on the “glamour” of the products.

But you can still purchase products that are sold as beauty products, including “gorgeous” products like the Skin Care line.

She also pointed out that the company is currently trying to expand into other categories, such as hair care, as well.

And because it’s such a premium beauty brand, Smith also pointed to a number of new products being launched this year.

These include the $25 “Pure Beauty Biotin Spray” and the $70 “Pure Essence Skin Balm.”

You can find them at Pure Beauty in-store or on Amazon.


The company has a huge customer base.

Smith said that PureBeauty’s largest customer base is the beauty-product-focused consumer.

In fact, PureBeautie has more than 20 million customers on its website, which she said is more than the number of customers for the company itself.

“We’re doing a lot of outreach,” Smith said.

“And we want to build relationships with the beauty community, which is a huge part of our growth.”


It doesn’t just sell you products, it also helps you stay healthy.

Smith also said that the bulk of PureBeauties sales are to the beauty and wellness industries.

She said that over half of the revenue comes from beauty and personal care products, which makes up about 15% of the business.

And when you’re buying from Pure Beauty you can expect to receive a range of “beauty” products, from moisturizers and creams to scrubs and masks.

“Our goal is to be a premium brand, which means we’re not going to be selling our products in the market,” Smith added.

She went on to say that the business is focused on “building brand awareness, helping people understand the products we sell.”

And while she noted that Pure beauty products aren’t on the market, the company does sell “gift packs” in which Pure Beauty employees can give out their products to their followers.

“They give out a product to a specific person,” Smith explained.


You can also buy products that aren’t in Pure Beauty.

Smith pointed out the company sells products on Amazon and Ebay, and has partnerships with companies like Urban Decay, Urban Decay Beauty, Wet n Wild, and Lancôme.

But she also said it’s a “lot of different types of products.”

For example, Smith noted that the “Pure beauty sponge” is a “premium beauty sponge.”

But the product is available at Amazon, Amazon Prime, and Amazon’s online store.

And the Pure beauty gel is “a gel that can be used for a lotion.”

It can also be used to treat your skin.

And Smith said Pure Beauty also sells “garden seeds” which are “beautiful” to add to a face wash.

She pointed out a Pure Beauty hair gel was also recently launched as an Amazon Prime product.

She mentioned that there are also “beauties” that are in the “Beauty Sponge” range, and also the “beautying sponge with pearls” that she said “is a beauty sponge for kids.”


The Pure Beauty brand is owned by beauty brands.

Smith said that “every single brand in our portfolio” is owned and operated by a “beautification company” and “we have partnerships with a lot more.”

That includes “the biggest brands in beauty” like Benefit, Bobbi Brown, and Clinique.

In addition to the products from these brands, Smith pointed to the $75 Pure Beauty Essence Skin Cream, which “is for kids,” and the “Gel-O-Matic” that “is really a gel for your face.”

She also noted that a lotus seed gel is a product from Clinique that “you can get in the beauty aisle.”


The “Beautiful” in PureBeautys name means “gravitas” and not “glowing.”

She said the word “glorious” is not a synonym for “beautified.”

Instead, she said, the word is meant to be “glimmering, like you’d see in a gemstone.”

And she pointed to PureBeautity’s new $15 Pure Essence Liquid Eye Gel, which has “a light, smooth texture.”

Smith also noted the company has partnerships in “gifts,” including the $20 “Glamify