What you need to know about beauty sponge and the sea sponge

Beauty sponge is the second-most common sponge after the sea, but its popularity has declined in recent years.

It’s also the least durable.

Its appearance has been criticized for its tendency to peel off easily.

Even though sponge makeup is a popular cosmetic, it’s still considered the least effective.

“I think the beauty sponge is more of a cosmetic, because it’s so expensive,” says Kristin E. Johnson, a cosmetic chemist at the University of Southern California.

Instead, Johnson recommends you use a more lightweight sponge.

While the ingredients for the beauty gel are different than the beauty mask, the ingredients in the beauty sponge are the same, she says.

So when you want to apply makeup, it will work on the sponge rather than the mask.

“I do not recommend using the beauty gels or beauty spongs as a makeup sponge,” says Johnson.

To avoid breaking the sponge, you can also use a mask or concealer, but you don’t need to worry about breaking the product, Johnson says.

Johnson recommends using the sponge after a moisturizer, as a foundation, or for face.

When it comes to makeup, she recommends using a lightweight face sponge, which can be found at Sephora.

But she also warns against using a mask on a sponge.

Johnson suggests using the mask instead of a sponge if you have a sensitive face.

If you have skin that’s sensitive to many products, you should avoid using a sponge, Johnson adds.