What do you get when you mix the magic of water and makeup?

by New Scientist  LONDON –  A London-based cosmetics company is experimenting with the latest water-based makeup sponge, which can be mixed with water to create a range of different water-friendly makeup.

The company, Loreal Beauty Sponge, has been launched by the French-British beauty brand Cosmetics UK, whose sister brand Cosmina is owned by the cosmetics giant, L’Oreal. 

The sponge has the power to mimic the feel and texture of a water-soluble liquid and it can be blended with makeup, even if it is not water-safe. 

Loreal’s CEO, Laura C. St-Germain, said that the sponge can be used as a primer and also for the “filling up” of eyes, skin and hair. 

“This is the first product in the Loreal range that’s designed to mimic a natural water-free, water-absorbing, water soluble product,” St-Galmain said. 

She added that Loreal’s sponge can also be used for the same purpose as a water soluble foundation.

Germains told New Scientist. “

And the sponge will also work for a really good sealant, even for makeup that is not waterproof,” St.

Germains told New Scientist. 

In addition to being a water sponge, Loreaal Beauty Snail is also designed to “fill up” eyes.

It comes in five different colours and can be applied to the eye with a brush.

“It’s a little bit like an eye primer, but you can mix it with a product that you know will hold up and keep your eyes nice and fresh for hours,” St Germains said.

The sponge can act as a makeup primer in the same way as a face primer, and it also can be rubbed into skin to make the skin feel softer. 

However, the sponge doesn’t have the same waterproof qualities as other water-resistant cosmetics such as eye and skin lotions, as they can be absorbed through the skin. 

This is due to the fact that water absorbs more water than any other liquid.

“You have to make sure that you’re getting the right amount of water into the product,” she said.

Loreaal’s Cosminum Water-Safe Foundation also comes in seven colours, and is available in eight sizes, and can act to seal the skin’s pores.

“As with all waterproof products, you want to use it on a regular basis to give the skin a little extra moisture,” St Germains said of the Cosminums Water-Resistant Foundation.

“But there are times when you want it to be more protective for your eyes.”

If you have a lot of blackheads, it can make it harder for your skin to get the protection it needs.””

So it’s best to apply it on top of a moisturiser, so that the water doesn’t soak through your skin.” 

Loresaal also makes a water absorbent makeup brush for women, and Cosminas Beauty Brushes come in six different colours. 

But while it has the same water-resistance properties as its water-absorbent counterparts, it is less water-stable, and more prone to breaking.”

There are a lot more reasons to buy a sponge than just beauty products,” St Giain said, adding that she was inspired to create the sponge after hearing the concerns of other consumers who have experienced breakage.”

They think, ‘Oh, my eyes look so bad, my skin is not so good.

What is wrong with my face?’

It is a really easy product to get wrong, and that’s why we’re making it easier for customers to get it right,” she added. 

Cosmina UK did not respond to a request for comment. 

New Scientist asked the company about why Loreal chose to create its sponge rather than making its own. 

It responded that it chose Loreal because “it’s the only brand that we know that has been using this sponge to create an incredibly unique product”.”

It really gives you that extra layer of confidence,” said St Germain. 

Her company also said that Loreael has a “long history of innovation in water-repellent cosmetics” and that it is “working to further enhance its water protection” through its Cosminanum Water Repellent Water Reactive Beauty Essence.