Swisscosmetics Big Beauty Sponges, Big Beauty Pads and Big Beauty Plates for 2018

Swiss cosmetics company Swish announced the launch of the Big Beauty Sponge, Big Water and Big Water Pocket Sleeves in the spring.

These products are priced at €49.99 each and feature the company’s signature logo.

Swish said the Big Water & Pads, Big water & pads, Big beauty sponge & plates, and Big beauty plates will be available from September 12.

The Big Beauty sponge & pad has a weight capacity of 60ml and can be filled by hand.

Swishes Big Beauty Water & Pad is a full-length, soft sponge that can be used to soak up water, and its main function is to cleanse skin.

Big Beauty water & pad, which was launched in January 2018, comes with a water proofing agent, a special sponge, and a water softener that is used to soften skin.

The company says that these products are suitable for all skin types and are suitable to use under makeup and over makeup.

“These are the best products for people with sensitive skin.

They work really well for people who have sensitive skin, but people with normal skin don’t need any more than the Big beauty Sponge and Big water.

The water softening agent is also water-repellent.

And because these products work so well under makeup, they can be really comfortable on people who are sensitive,” Swish CEO Peter Schmitt told The Local.

The products are also available in a soft sponge version and a soft pad version.

The Soft Water &Pads are the softest sponge type, which is available in both the soft & soft sponge sizes.

The soft sponge is available from October 10 and Soft Water pads are available from November 15.

The Swish Big Beauty Power Pack is available at around €149.99, and the Big Beauties Power Pack includes an applicator, cleansing brush, and mask brush.

These three products are available in two sizes: Medium (90cm x 50cm) and Small (40cm x 30cm).

These sizes are available to all customers in October.

For more information, visit or contact the Swish online shop.