Sally’s Beauty Sponges: ‘We’re not the biggest’

The beauty sponge company is trying to prove it can be a winner with a new line of products that promise to keep you hydrated.

The line, called Sally’s, comes in six sizes, and each comes with a special formula that’s designed to help the sponge absorb water, promote elasticity, and soften skin.

It also comes with the ability to store it in a cool, cool, cold, or even dry place.

In its newest version, the Sally’s line includes a special sponge that’s formulated with a hydration-boosting blend of hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

The gel-based version is made with a natural cream of tartar that’s infused with collagen and collagen-rich hyaluronan.

The products also have anti-inflammatory properties, which are thought to help fight free radicals and promote healing.

The brand says it has already sold 2.6 million of the products, but it has plans to add more to the line, including the addition of a new, high-performance gel that will help promote hydration.

The new products come in two flavors: the low-calorie and the calorie-rich.

Sally’s Beauty Sponge products also come in a variety of other sizes, including a full-size version that comes in 12 different sizes, the most affordable option, and a smaller version that’s only available in a 16-ounce version.

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