Loreal beauty spa: The secret ingredients

By Loreal Beauty Spa The secret ingredient to making the Loreal sponge, Loreal’s spa, is nothing less than the combination of coconut oil and seaweed.

The coconut oil, says Loreal, “gives the sponge a smooth, soft texture, so it’s perfect for any kind of skin care or makeup.”

The seaweed adds a soft, silky texture that is “perfect for a lotion or lip balm, or for applying on face.”

The ingredients of the Loreals sponge include “seaweed, coconut oil,” “natural and organic ingredients, and organic essential oils,” which Loreal says are “a few of the top brands in the world that have been scientifically proven to work.”

The Loreals beauty spa is located at 7200 W. Michigan Ave.

in Seattle.

The spa is open every day, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and closed Monday, March 1.