A Hawaii kindergarten teacher has revealed how to make a tiny beauty sponge to help children stay hydrated while also boosting their confidence.

Kumadoro Kimono, who taught kindergarten at a community center in the city of Kahului, says she has seen a lot of kids get dehydrated by the summer heat, but the sponge’s soft, flexible shape makes it perfect for keeping kids hydrated during a hot day.

“If you get dehydrates, your skin will dry out and your skin is not moisturized,” Kimono said.

“But if you keep your sponge in the air and your water gets cool, you can cool your skin and hydrate it.”

Kumadori Kimono.

A tiny beauty sponging.

Kumo is one of three Hawaiian families who live in the community where Kimono’s preschool is located.

The other two families are from Hawaii and one is from Russia.

Kimono started teaching Kindergarten to kids in the preschool in late August.

She said her family has had to learn the hard way about keeping their water cool in the summer, but that they’ve learned how to manage their water well and how to keep their water supply in the palm of their hand.

The sponge is made of the same material that children use in their hair brushes.

Kids can use the sponge for their hair or make their own by making a sponge out of rice.

The sponge can be made out of plastic, rubber or anything else they can find in the supermarket.

Kimono said they use the plastic sponge to make their hair sponge and use it to make an eye sponge and a hand sponge.

“It is a good tool to make your hair sponge,” she said.

Kids make their sponge with rice and rice flour.

The rice flour can be cooked or ground into a flour that can be mixed into water for making hair sponge.

They also use it in the kitchen for making an eye and a hair sponge to use as a mouthwash.

Kimoto said she and her family use the rice sponge for water, so it is very healthy.

But if the kids are hungry and have little water, they use a bowl for making their rice sponge.

The rice sponge can also be used for cooking.

“We cook rice by placing the rice into a bowl and sprinkling it with a little bit of salt,” she explained.

“The salt gives the rice its shape and the rice can be washed with it.”

She said they are using it to soak up the hot sun and the heat of the summer sun.

“I have had people ask if I made it because I made the rice to soak the sun,” she added.

The school was recently flooded by the hot Hawaiian sun, so Kimono made the sponge out and put it in a bowl.

The kids have to stay dry for about a day before they can use it again.