Kensie Beauty Stylist’s Beauty Products to Get $20,000 Gift Cards as part of New Year’s Eve celebration

By DOLARTREE LOPEZ | 11/02/2018 07:56:25KENSIE, Texas — The beauty and spa industry is experiencing a huge boom with some of the biggest names on the planet.

But some of its newest and hottest names have taken their products to a whole new level.

The top three beauty products in the U.S. today are Kensies Beauty Stool, Beauty Stools and Beauty Pots, according to a report from the Beauty Industry Association.

Kensie has become a household name after launching its new beauty products line in 2018, with a variety of products in its beauty spa and beauty care line.

Its products have become so popular that the company launched a special line for New Years Eve 2018 that features its newest beauty products.

Each product is available for $25 at Kensies store.

It also sells an online store for those interested in purchasing products online.

“The beauty industry has changed dramatically since the ’90s,” said Dolly McIlhenny, CEO of the Kensi Beauty Stl, a boutique salon in Kensie that serves the industry’s top brands.

She said her salon will be offering a new deal this year, where customers can save 20% on any Beauty Sticks, Beauty Poses, Beauty Creams, Beauty Serums, Spa Tools and more.

More on KENSIE: The brand is not the only one trying to capitalize on the New Year.

Earlier this year it announced a partnership with Kinko’s, which will offer a $10,000 gift card to customers who purchase its Beauty Stables products, including the Kinkos Luxe Luxe Skin Care Kit.

BeautyStools is a cosmetics line that sells beauty products including facial and body products.

Kensies is also working with a number of celebrities, including Rihanna, to bring their brands to the company’s stores.

On Jan. 1, the brand launched its newest line, Kensios Beauty Products, a line that includes a line of beauty and skincare products.

It also has a line with hair care products.

The company has already added two new beauty line types this year: Beauty Stompers and Beauty Stunts.

With the new line, Kensies is looking to add more new products in 2018 and 2019.

While the brand is trying to bring more celebrities into the fold, it also is expanding into the cosmetics industry.