How to wash and dry your cosmetics sponge

A new disposable beauty sponge that uses an EcoTools-designed eco-friendly process to clean, cleanse and deodorize can be found for just $25 on

The EcoToys beauty sponge is the company’s latest product aimed at making people more environmentally conscious, according to founder and CEO Andrew Ritchie.

“We’ve been making a real effort to do more for the environment in the last year, and this is one of the first products to do that,” Ritchie said in a statement.

The eco-conscious beauty sponge uses a “smart” water system, Ritchie says, and it’s designed to use less water than a typical sponge.

“It’s actually more efficient than water, because it doesn’t use water as a cleaning agent,” he said.

The sponge is available in three colors: pink, white and blue.

The company also makes a pink sponge that’s “more eco-minded.”

Ritchie said the eco-toy sponge is a “very simple” product that will last “a lifetime.”

He hopes to make the product available to the public in the coming weeks.

The company sells its eco-inspired beauty sponge on Amazon for $25.

(CBC)”It really works very well, and I think we can make a lot of money from it,” he added.

Ritchie, a Toronto native, founded EcoTricks in 2013 with his partner, Adam Jones.

They sell a variety of beauty products online, but Ritchie was also working on a “product of the year” award at the 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival.

The pair created EcoTrix, a reusable plastic sponge that used a “magic wand” to clean the inside of a plastic bottle, before applying it to a surface.

The product also features a “drying” feature that allows it to be cleaned by hand without the need for a sponge.

EcoTutorials founder and president Jason Stapleton also founded EcoTools in 2013, which is designed to help people learn about sustainability, he said in an interview.

“The idea was to try to get people to be more conscious about their environmental footprint,” Stapton said.

He says the EcoTowers are an ideal addition to the eco crowd.

“They’re actually a lot more efficient,” he explained.

“So they are also environmentally friendly, and the whole point is that it’s not just disposable, it’s reusable.”

The company’s website also highlights the EcoTools Eco-Tower cleaning process.

“This eco-powered, smart, sponge can clean, dry, and even absorb soap and water to make your skin feel better,” the website reads.

Riley says the eco sponge is meant to help “make you feel more beautiful, more beautiful-looking and more beautiful with your makeup.”

“It has a very simple formula, so it’s super easy to use,” he told CBC News.

“And it’s just a very environmentally conscious product.”

The EcoTools eco-tech sponge is made of a recyclable plastic and comes with a rechargeable battery that will keep the sponge charged up to 30 days.

It’s also made from eco-fiber, which Ritchie claims can be recycled.

Ricky says EcoTrollers Eco-tech beauty sponge has a “powerful eco-technology” that “helps make you feel amazing.”

He says EcoTools has been selling its product on Amazon since July.