How to make a Huda Beauty Sponge

Make your own Huda beauty sponge for the day.

How to prepare the sponge: Heat a medium-sized pot on medium heat and add water to make it boil.

Once it boils, add the coconut milk and the sesame oil.

Let it boil for a minute.

Add the powdered sugar, salt and the ginger powder.

Mix it well and set it aside.

Add 3 tbsp of water and simmer it for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, stir the coconut mixture well.

Add a little more water to the mixture and stir it once again.

Now add the sago powder and the cream of rice.

Mix well.

Now take the coconut and the almond milk and mix well.

Pour the mixture into the spong.

Add more water if the sponge gets too sticky.

Pour it into the bowl.

You can also use this spoon to spread the honey paste on top.

Serve it warm with rice or a glass of cold water.

How do you make a Honey Beauty Sponge?

I’ve tried to make my own Honey Beauty Spong by using the recipe below.

But, I found out that it can be done by using a small bamboo bowl.

So, you can make it with the rice or water and then use the bamboo bowl to make the Honey Beauty sponge.

To make it easier, I’ve included the steps to make this Honey Beauty spong in this tutorial.

If you want to use a bamboo bowl, then here is a picture of a bowl for you to try.

Ingredients for making a Honey Essence Sponge: 1 cup of powdered sugar 1 tbsp of honey 1 tbsp coconut oil 2 tbsp sago powdered sugar 2 tbsp honey powder (or honey powder with honey) 1 tbsp salt (or salt powder) 2 tbsp ginger powder 1 tbsp sugar 2 tsp water 1 tbsp water and a glass (optional) How to Prepare the Honey Essence Spong: Heat the coconut oil and sago on medium-high heat and stir until they turn into a golden color.

Then, add 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp sesame.

Mix this well and add salt and sugar.

Now, add more water as needed.

You will need to stir the mixture very well.

If the mixture starts to stick, then it is ready to be used.

Add some honey and sesame and mix it well.

You may need to add more honey and sugar as needed for the honey to dissolve.

Once you have made the Honey essence sponge, add a little bit of water to it and stir.

Add another 1 tbsp.

water and stir the sponge very well to make sure that it has absorbed the honey.

You need to make all of this mixture very gently.

You want to keep the mixture in a glass or bowl, and you will need a little water in it.

You don’t want the honey and honey powder to be in the same bowl.

Pour this honey essence sponge into a bowl and add a few drops of water.

Now pour the honey essence into the bamboo pot and let it boil on medium high heat for about 10 minutes.

When it boils gently, add some water and pour the mixture back into the glass or bamboo pot.

When the honey is absorbed, pour some of it back into this bowl.

If your sponge gets sticky, you should stir it very well and stir once again after you have absorbed all of the honey that you put into the honey sponge.

Serve the Honey Spa Spong with rice, rice cakes or a tea cup.

How does a Honey Spa Sponge look?

It’s really easy to make.

You just need to soak a bowl with water for about 20 minutes and then add a bowl to a bowl of the same size and water.

If it starts to get too sticky, then you can add more sago, honey or honey powder.

Pour some honey into the water.

Put the bamboo or glass bowl and some water into the dish and pour water into it.

Add sugar and salt and stir for another minute.

Then add a bit of honey and a little sago and mix them well.

Once again pour this honey essenet over the bowl and stir well.

It will absorb all the honey from the sponge.

You should add more sugar if you need more honey.

Serve this Honey Spa Spa Spud with rice and rice cakes.

How can you make Honey Beauty Spa Sponge?

Here are some simple tips to make your own Honey Essence Spa Sponge.

The bowl can be made with a bamboo cup.

You simply add water and mix the mixture well until it becomes a smooth sponge.

Add your own water.

Pour water over the sponge and stir gently.

After you have poured the water, pour it back in the bowl, add water.

This will absorb the water from the bowl that you poured in.

Add honey if you like more honey on the sponge than what you have in the water and you can serve it with rice.

Serve with rice if you want more honey to be added.