How to clean the face of a giant beauty sponge

A giant beauty scrub could be an effective way to clean out pores and remove the hardening effect of dirt, says a team of Australian researchers.

Key points:Researchers found that the sponge’s ability to break down dirt and oil makes it ideal for removing makeupThe sponge is an excellent cleaner of body oilsThe sponge can also be used as a body scrubThere are currently no effective alternatives to regular hand soap for removing dirt and oils from the face and body, but a study from the University of Melbourne says it is an effective and effective cleaner of the body.

The research found that a sponge containing an enzyme known as  methanesulfonyl-CoA reductase could break down the most common forms of dirt and dirt-like substances found in the body, like dead skin cells and hair.

“We wanted to understand if there are any other products that can be used in the face that would be as effective as the sponge,” said Professor David Brown, who led the research at the University’s Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.

“If there’s a better way, then we could potentially be able to have a better product for everyday use.”

The researchers created a special polymer-based polymer, dubbed “sodium hydroxide”, that could be dissolved into water and removed from the skin.

The team then injected the polymer into the skin, and found that it was able to remove about 90 per cent of the dirt and impurities found in body oils.

“That’s a very high amount, and it’s good to know that the water doesn’t penetrate into the material,” Professor Brown said.

“The sponge absorbs the water from the water, and then the material gets released back into the water.”

Professor Brown’s team says that while the sponge could be used for everyday cleaning, it could also be a natural alternative for people who are concerned about the appearance of their face.

“It is actually a natural product that could really be useful in terms of cleaning the face, it’s a great way to remove dirt, and that’s why we think it could be useful for everyday uses,” he said.”[The sponge] has been found to remove a lot of body fluids, so it would be great to have an alternative to hand soap or soap and water.”‘

Very good at removing impurities’The researchers also found that they could break up dirt and other body oils, so there was potential for the sponge to be a great cleanser for people with sensitive skin.

“So we’ve found that we can actually remove dirt and body oils from these sponge products, which would be very good for people like those who have sensitive skin,” Professor David said.

“It could also help people who have oily skin, or those who are sensitive to oil, to have more control over their skin.