Beauty sponge shapes sold out, beauty sponge shapes available on Amazon – ABC News

Beauty sponge shape sales on Amazon, which had already sold out before the Christmas season, have been restored.

The Beauty Sponge Shop on Amazon is selling Beauty Sponge Shape Sets for $39.95 on Amazon and a similar deal is available for the following month.

The set is made of 6 individual sponge shapes, one for each of the four facial areas.

The price tag on the set is $39,99.95.ABC News contacted Amazon and the beauty sponge maker for comment.

A spokesperson from Amazon told ABC News the company was aware of the listing and is working to rectify the issue.

“We are aware of an issue that has been reported by customers on our platform, and we are investigating.

We are working to restore the sales as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.”

This issue is being investigated and we take any concerns seriously.””

We have made significant improvements in the last few weeks to improve the customer experience.

This issue is being investigated and we take any concerns seriously.”

It comes after a number of beauty sponge sellers on Amazon had been sold out.

Earlier this month, a beauty sponge seller on Amazon was sold out of the sets.