‘Beauty sponge’ makes a mockery of beauty sponge ban

A beauty sponge that makes a joke about the ban on beauty products is now being sold on the internet as a “beauty sponge”. 

The beauty product is called the beautify sponge which is designed by Polish artist and designer Polish artist Linda Pajkowski. 

Pajkowski’s blog, Lifetongue, has over 15,000 followers and is regularly featured in the Polish press. 

The product has been promoted by a Polish beauty blogger, who tweeted that the product is made of “a sponge with a small toothpick inside”. 

But the Beautify Sponge website has a disclaimer stating the product cannot be used for any medical purposes and is only intended for use in beauty parlours and beauty salons.

“If you use this product in a commercial situation or in a salon or beauty salon, please be aware that the sponge can damage your teeth,” the disclaimer states. 

“Please take care not to swallow it as this could cause a serious condition called tooth decay.”

Pajkovs products are currently selling for around $30.

The website, which is run by Polish beauty artist Poland artist Lissandra Młodyk, also features a disclaimer saying: “The above image may be a picture of a product, product description, or promotional image.

Please note that we do not endorse products from these companies.

For more information, please visit the official Website of the Polish Beauty Artist Linda Pajkovskie.”

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, the company said: “The above product was originally created for Polish beauty bloggers.

The creator did not wish to promote it on her blog, however she does not own any copyright on it.

We are working on a more professional website which will include a disclaimer and a link to our product, which will help consumers to easily identify which products are legitimate.”

The Beautize Sponge website was created by Liswandra Pajksyks, a Polish artist who is also the founder of Lives of the Living Beauty, a women’s fashion design and online marketing business. 

She has previously created beautiful products including The Living Beauty Makeup Brushes and A Beauty Brush for women.

Liszka Pajkiewicz, a spokeswoman for Livers beautys, said the company was considering legal action. 

Ms Pajkyksy said: “We’re looking into legal action because we’re not a beauty company.

We don’t want to do business with the cosmetics industry.”

She added that the PoliZette was not responsible for the content of the blog.

“This is just a joke, this is not the official Website,” she said.

“We’re still working on the official Blog.”

The Polish beauty blog Livy Pajklak was founded in 2013.