Beauty sponge bath with the new ofra Beauty sponge

The beauty sponge bath is here!

We’re thrilled to share our first in depth look at our new beauty sponge from ofra, the beautiful ofra flower beauty sponge.

The new beauty sponge is designed for those with oily skin and those looking for a lightweight sponge.

It has a lovely floral scent to it, which makes it perfect for any occasion.

We’ve included a full swatch of this beauty sponge and you can see how it compares to the other beauty spongs on the market.

The beauty spinners we love are: The beauty sponge is made of durable polypropylene, making it very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

We love that it has an elastic band to hold it in place.

This makes it easy to adjust and make sure it stays in place as you shower.

The ofra Flower Beauty Sponge has a soft floral scent.

The soft feel makes it a great choice for those who have oily skin, or who are looking for something lightweight and lightweight.

The sponge comes with a flexible cord, so you can stretch it out and change it as you want.

It also comes with instructions for changing the sponge to make it fit your body.

The Beauty Spong is a lightweight beauty sponge with a removable elastic band that can be stretched out and adjusted as you like.

It comes with 3 spong options to choose from: The Beauty Sponge, the Beauty Spool 2 and the Beauty Sponge 3.

All of the beauty spinnners come with a 1-year limited warranty, so be sure to get a sponge with the right fit and finish!

Beauty Sponge 2 (left) and Beauty Sponge (right) The beauty spa sponge (left), is designed to be used in a bath or body care routine.

It is great for those looking to make their own spa sponge, and it’s great for anyone who wants to create a natural looking spa.

The shape of the sponge is great to have around, and you have plenty of room to add more as needed.

It’s also great for people with sensitive skin.

The design of the Beauty Spa Sponge is a little different than the Beauty Beauty Sponge.

It looks more like a sponge made of a lotus flower.

It was designed for someone who wants a softer sponge, so it is ideal for those on a low maintenance diet.

The product comes in 4 different colours to choose: Blue, Orange, Pink and White.

The colour of the ofra has a floral smell to it.

The size of the product is also adjustable.

It measures 1.8 inches by 1.3 inches and has a sponge length of about 3 inches. It costs €6.99, or you can find it at your local beauty supply shop.

The Flower Beauty Spa is also available in 4 colours, but this is the only one that has a removable band so you don’t need to worry about the size or shape of your sponge changing as you use it.

For those who want a light sponge, the Flower Beauty is also great.

It makes a great addition to a routine to add a touch of color, or for those of us who like our spong more soft and more feminine.

You can buy the Flower Spa from for €6 for a 5-inch by 5-cent sponge or for €12 for a 10-inch sponge.

All sponged beauty products from beauty spartens are available from Beauty Spa of Ireland.