Beauty bounce sponge to be launched in April

Beauty bounce sponges are being launched in Ireland as part of a new initiative by Dublin-based beauty company Beauty Bounce.

Dublin’s beauty products company Beauty Bubble is the first major brand to launch a new range of products in the country, which has the potential to make it the most innovative city in Europe.

The company has teamed up with Irish beauty company Aromatic in a new partnership aimed at promoting the health benefits of organic ingredients in products and products that people want to buy.

The beauty products range, called The Bubble, will launch in April and will include three beauty spongers.

The first of these sponged products will be a beauty sponge which is made from organic and organic-friendly ingredients.

The other products in this range are water, moisturiser, cleanser, foundation and a cream for skin.

It is hoped that the products will make a significant difference in the beauty market.

Beauty Bounce founder and CEO Emma O’Leary said: “The beauty industry is exploding and the number of people seeking treatment for acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues has exploded in the last five years.”

It is now a global industry and this partnership is helping to provide an opportunity for new, innovative, affordable and healthy products for our customers.

“This is a great opportunity for us to show our customers what is possible when it comes to making their skin feel and look great.”

The Bubble beauty products will cost €12 for an 8.5cm sponge and €30 for a 6cm sponge.

The products will also be available in a range of colours, which will include: red, pink, orange, yellow, blue and purple.

They will be available from Beauty Bounce in Ireland starting from April 7 and the company is also launching a global online shop to help increase awareness of its products.

Beautiful Bounce’s beauty sponge range is being developed by Aromantic and it is part of the company’s vision of providing affordable beauty products that can benefit the whole world.

Aromantic CEO Pat Glynn said: “”Beauty bounce spongs are a way for people to experience the health, beauty and wellness benefits of nature and the environment while being inspired to reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of products that are often used to fill our daily lives.

“We are very proud of this collaboration and look forward to bringing our products to a new audience.”

The first Beauty Bounce product to be released will be the beauty sponge called The Beauty Bubble.

Beautifully madeBeauty Bubble sponging products, made from 100% organic ingredients.

Source: Beauty Bounce