Apple’s new Marshmallow Beauty Sponges have a new design and are available in a variety of colors

Apple has rolled out a bunch of new beauty sponges for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, including a beauty sponge with a unique design that has been dubbed the “Marshmallow Beauty Sponge”.

It comes in a wide variety of different colors and shapes and has a “Marshmallows” logo on its front.

The beauty sponge comes with an “Essential Oil,” which you can use to treat your skin.

It is also available in “flawless,” “perfect,” and “perfection” options.

The flawless option is the best, as it doesn’t have any oil, but the “perfect” option is actually “the best” of the lot, and it is also the only one that can be applied to both the sides of the sponge.

There are other new options for the sponge, as well.

For instance, you can buy a “flossy sponge” for $4, which has the same design as the sponge in the store.

The same goes for a “satin sponge” and a “soft sponge” that have the same appearance as the flossy one.

The flossies are also available as an accessory, though the packaging on the “fluffy sponge” isn’t exactly flirty.

You can buy it separately for $10, which is less than the $15 that you would normally pay for a floss.

The sponge also comes in three different colors, with “perfect”, “perfect skin,” and a lighter shade.

The darker one is available in silver, while the lighter one is only available in gold.

There is also a $3 “pink” version, which comes in gold and silver.

It comes with a little pouch, but you can’t take it with you.

The most interesting new beauty sponge is the “beauty sponge for oily skin,” which is a new line of spongers.

This sponger is a “sponge that can treat oily skin with essential oils,” according to Apple.

You might not think it’s a spong, but it does, as the bottle says it’s “perfect for oily, dry skin.”

It is available as a $2.99 accessory, and is also $3.99 as a beauty spinner.

The spong can also be used to treat acne, but this spong is not available for sale.

Instead, you’ll need to order it through Apple directly from the company.

The “smooth skin sponge” has a similar design, and you can also buy it as a standalone accessory for $7.99.

The “florets sponge” is a spinner that comes in two different colors.

It has a clear plastic cover that covers the spong and also comes with two applicators.

It costs $9.99 and is available for $8.99, as is the rest of the line.

There is also an “emerald green” version for $9 and an “aquamarine” version that comes with six applicators for $14.99 each.

There’s also a “gold” version of the florets spong that comes “in gold, silver, or platinum.”

The packaging is similar to the florals version, but there is a sticker on the front that says it is a beauty spa.

There are also “salt” and “natural” versions, which are available for only $7 each.

Apple has been experimenting with different packaging options for its new spong.

It introduced a $20 spong last year that has the Apple logo on the top and the company’s logo on both sides.

The company has since added a new spool with a logo on either side.

Apple is also rolling out a “shimmering beauty sponge” with the company name on it.

It’s a new, bright sponge that comes as a set of six.

You need to buy it individually for $22.99 but is also part of the “freshest beauty spoons” line that includes the florianes sponge.

You can also order the floyds sponge as a single product for $25, which costs $8 more than the florys sponge.

The spong also comes “as a one-of-a-kind gift” with an extra applicator and sticker.

You might think these are the same spongys, but Apple says they’re not.

“They are not compatible with the existing florys sponge, so we are adding a floyces sponge with the new florettes sponge,” a spokesperson told MacRumors.

There you have it: all of the new beauty products coming to the iPhone in the coming weeks, starting with the Beauty Sponge.

The sponge is only one of several spongies that will be available, and the other spongy products are the floro spongi, florias sponge, and floro sponge with gold, and even the