A beautiful sponge with ‘fuzziness’ and ‘funk’

Bungalow Beauty Sponge is the first of its kind to offer a sponge made with “fuzz” and “funk” — two elements that are considered by many to be very different in their beauty properties.

Its popularity has caused a surge in sales, and its makers hope to keep the sponge on the market for many more years.

“Fuzziness and funk are very similar and it’s very difficult to define them in a way that’s easy to understand,” said Michael Stadtmauer, CEO of Bungalows Beauty Sponge, who says the sponge has gained a cult following among the wealthy.

“You can’t just buy it as a gift, but people are really excited about it.

People who don’t want a lot of makeup are getting the sponge and it is a great gift.”

Stadtmauers sponge, which comes in four colors and a different texture, is designed to hold products, including body scrubs, body lotions, body oil, lip balms and facial scrubs.

“People like to feel their skin, their face, their body.

It’s a sponge.

It absorbs the product into it,” he said.”

It absorbs all the makeup, and you get a little bit of texture and that is what makes it so wonderful for people who want to be able to do this.”

This sponge is a very different kind of sponge to what people would normally use.

People have used a sponge to get a lot on their face and to make their eyes pop and so forth, and that was really a really cool sponge.

“And I think people like to know how they are, and they like to be reminded of that.”‘

A beautiful sponge’The sponge comes in two versions, a black one and a white one, which are both priced at $3,500 for a one-piece.

A separate black and white version, called Bungalowers Classic, is also available.

“I think we are a little surprised to see that people are still using this sponge and really want to make it even better,” Stadmauer said.

The sponge is made with 100% recycled plastic that can be recycled and reused.

Stadmauers is also launching a new line of body lotion and body oil in addition to the bungalows sponge.

“The body loti line is really about the ingredients that go into the body lotia, and the body oil is actually a really amazing moisturizer that I think is a natural ingredient,” Stamauers said.

Stamauchers has also introduced a line of facial scrabs.

Its new Face & Body line includes a sponge, and a body wash called “The Body” for those who want a more natural-looking face.

“We were able to develop a sponge with this amazing ingredient that we were able, through the sponge, to get the same level of texture as a body lota, and it was a little less expensive, but still a very good product,” Stathmauets said.

“This is what you would find in a loti scrub, so it’s a really natural product.”

Bungalowers sponge can be purchased for $35,000, and all of its products are available at its website.

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