When people hear “Vicks® VapoRub®” they probably think of that gunk that you glob on your chest when you are sick and congested. That is what I always thought of until my mother informed me of the many other uses and benefits of this product. Be prepared there are sooooooo may uses for this product. This list is only a small example!



10 Use For Vicks® VapoRub® You Probably Didn’t Know About:

  1. Reduces Skin Irritation & Inflammation – Vicks® can be used to help clear stubborn acne and calm eczema prone skin.
  2. Provides Headache Relief – Next time you have a headache or a migraine, try breathing in the Vicks® VapoRub® scent. It actually helps lessen the headache. As a frequent and extreme migraine sufferer, I can confirm this does help with symptoms. I admittedly was very surprised when it actually worked, but I am glad it does!
  3. Sore Muscles Be Gone – Sore from that gym work out? Try applying some Vicks® to the sore area. It will help alleviate muscle pain and strain.
  4. Moisturizes Skin – I am sure Vicks® VapoRub® is NOT the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a skin moisturizer. Surprisingly though, it is a fantastic moisturizer for dry and damaged skin. Try applying it to cracked heels. It works wonders!
  5. Puts An End To Bad Cat Behaviors – If you cat will not stop scratching or ripping up your rugs or furniture, try diluting Vicks® VapoRub® with water until you are able to spray it. Then simply spray it in the areas that your cat is reaping havoc. Cats for whatever reason despise this scent and will avoid the sprayed area. I tried the method on my cat who insists on ripping at every curtain I have in my home. I lightly misted all my curtains and you can visibly see the disgust on her face when she goes near the curtains. She has now resorted to scratching our door mats which I am fine with.
  6. Helps To Deter Pets From Having Accidents In The House – Have a dog or cat that continues to have accidents in the house? Spray some Vicks® VapoRub® in the spot that your pet keeps having their accidents. It will deter them from continuing to use that spot. Both dogs and cats hate the smell of Vicks® VapoRub®. 
  7. Stop Those Mosquitoes – Going outside and hate mosquitoes? Rub a light layer of Vicks® on your exposed skin and it will help keep those pesky mosquitoes away.
  8. Stops Itching – Got a bug bite? Come in contact with something that you had an allergic skin reaction to? Try putting a light layer of Vicks® on the infected area. It will help to reduce the itch and heal the area more quickly.
  9. Helps To Heal Bruises Faster – If you have a bruise, lightly rub some Vicks® on the bruise. It will help to reduce the swelling and heal the area more quickly.
  10. Helps To Reduce Stretch Marks – Apply some Vicks® VapoRub® to ®your stretch marks daily to help improve the look and texture.


These are just some of the many uses for Vicks® VapoRub®. You may be looking at this list and be thinking “Yaaaaah right”! Well, I don’t blame you for thinking that. I totally was in the same mind set and thought “No way it does all this”. So far, I have been proved 100% wrong. Vicks® VapoRub® is now something I keep stocked in my medicine cabinet and use quite frequently. All I can say is, don’t knock it until you try it.


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