The other day I received a flyer in my mail from Bed, Bath and Beyond. In the flyer I saw that they had a pore cleaning device available for $19.99. The flyer comes with a $5.00 off coupon, so I figured I would go pick it up and give it a whirl. I have been wanting to try one of these devices for a while now. I have huge pores that I have to battle with constantly. The idea of having a device that would take a little bit of time out of my routine was an idea too good to pass up.

The device being sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond is the DermaSuction Pore-Cleaning Device.



The product description per the Bed, Bath and Beyond website reads:

“Suck the Yuck” out of your pores with the DermaSuction pore-cleaning device. This painless, handheld device avoids damaging delicate facial tissue from squeezing, and easily removes blackheads and dirt from pores with its 4 suction heads.

This was 19.99 and after tax, as well as utilizing my $5.00 coupon I ended up getting this for roughly $15.00. So, not that bad price wise. The product itself is quite simple to use. It is a hand-held, lightweight device that has 4 interchangeable suction heads.


Each suction head serves a different purpose…

  • Oval Head – For around your nose and mouth
  • Small Head – Good for all over every day use
  • Sonic Head – Good for when you want to exfoliate
  • Large Head – Extra strong suction for stubborn areas



The troublesome pore areas on my face are in my T- zone with my nose being the worst spot. I have HUGE pores on my nose and they are highly annoying. For the most part I have them in check, thanks to pore cleaning strips and various pore minimizer products, but I figured anything I was missing this would get. Let me say within a minute or 2 my excitement of “Suck The Yuck” quickly changed to “WHAT THE F*$%!!!!”. This product is awful! Let me say with a full disclaimer, when I review a product and put it on this website, I make sure I do my research and that I follow the directions exactly as outlined. I never want to post a review if I have used a product incorrectly. So, with this product let me just say, I am beyond confident that I was using this correctly.

I had started with the oval suction head and since I had not used a pore strip yet, I knew there was crap in my pores. I used this for about 2 minutes, moving it around my nose and NOTHING. There was absolutely NO “yuck” in the suction head. I decided since that wasn’t working to perhaps try the larger head and again after giving that a shot NOTHING. The sonic head for exfoliation is not something I would recommend at all. I am someone who exfoliates on a regular basis using an array of tool/products and I can definitely say this is NOT exfoliating your skin. All this us doing is scratching it and damaging it. I would not recommend that head be used at all. The smallest head which they claim is for everyday use did nothing either. After using all 4 heads and nothing occurring, I decided to NOT follow the directions and used a warm baking soda paste on my nose, rinsed it off and then left my nose wet. I then went back in with the oval head and went at it on just my nose for probably 10 minutes. I kept going over and over and over the pores on my nose. Finally, I was actually able to remove a little “yuck”. Not much, so don’t get excited. I still was able to go back in with a regular ol’ pore strip and take out so much more. Plus, the amount of time it took to remove this miniscule bit of “yuck” from just my nose pores is definitely not worth the time.


I was actually shook that it performed so poorly, because believe it or not the suction is pretty strong. Perhaps it’s a flawed design and is unable to properly access the pores. Who knows. I was ultimately extremely disappointed in this product. The company Bulbhead who produces this product actually produces some good products, so I was just surprised in how much this product stunk. I know you can’t win them all, but this was an absolute and utter FAIL!


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