When it comes to older homes, I don’t know what it is, but I have this unexplainable pull to them. Something about the unique characteristics and charm they have is extremely appealing to me. I live in an older home in Massachusetts and I really enjoy it. I admittedly have done a lot of updates to it, but I have always tried to maintain certain aspects of the home that are unique to the period it was built.

One down fall to some of these older homes is that there isn’t always a ton of storage space. In our home we have an okay amount storage space, mainly because we do have a decent amount of closets. The problem with those closets is that they are TEENY TINY! It is nearly impossible to fit even half of my wardrobe in a single closet, yet alone share these closets with the rest of my family. In one of our closets, we have a laundry basket full of shoes. Why you ask? Well, I have yet to redo our closets and quiet honestly they are the last thing on my mind when it comes to my list of projects. In a moment of sheer laziness, I took an extra laundry bin and decided I would just throw it in the closet and dump some of our shoes into it. Reality is this stupid shoe basket is a pain in the butt. Anytime you want one of the shoes that reside in this closet, you have to dig through the stupid basket. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! Well, last night, I finally decided that I am TOTALLY over this shoe basket hassle. I decided to stop over at Walmart and pick up a solution to my problem…

A $6.97 shoe rack! 


This inexpensive shoe rack fits perfectly in this tiny closet and holds up 12 pairs of shoes (Perhaps more, depending on the types of shoes).


This shoe rack required NO TOOLS in order to assemble and for $6.97 is surprisingly sturdy.


I was able to add a little organization to this particular closet and eliminate the stupid basket. Which I am happy to report is now being used for its intended purpose…laundry! I eventually down the line do intended to actually give all of our closets a face lift and add some storage systems. But for now a simple, inexpensive solution like this shoe rack makes a huge impact. 


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