It’s a New Year which means new beginnings. Well, 2019 is the year that I am determined to “Purge” my home and life of stuff that is not needed and taking up valuable space.

2018 was quite the year and by the end of it, I was mentally cluttered and my living space was too. As I was walking around my house a few weekends ago, I started to really notice just how much stuff was cluttering up my house and how much of that stuff had literally been sitting there collecting dust. I also became acutely aware of how stressful and unhappy this clutter was making me feel. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a hoarder. Not even close. However, neglecting to really organize and get the house pulled together in 2018 was seriously showing and needed to be addressed.

Ultimately, I decided that a “Purge” was needed. I went out to Walmart, bought a bunch of boxes, set them up in the garage and went to work. I went room by room and just got rid of stuff that had not been touched in years and would never be used again, clothes that were in good condition that would never fit again and so much more. After all was said and done I had filled about 7 large boxes to the brim. I chose to donate all of the goods to Vietnam Veterans of America, as supporting our veterans/troops is a cause that I support immensely.

Going through your home and letting go of things that you no longer need (or use), is something that is actually quite important and is often overlooked.  There are many benefits to decluttering your living space:

  • Decluttering you home and ridding yourself of things you no longer need, want, or use, ultimately frees up space in your home for things you actually do use, want and new things that you acquire.
  • Decluttering your home mentally has a huge impact. When you get your space pulled together and purge yourself of the excess, you will find you enjoy your space more which makes you happier. Not feeling overwhelmed by clutter and mess will a provide you with a bit of mental clarity and a more relaxed, de-stressed demeanor. 
  • Donating to local charities makes me feel good. I like truly enjoy helping others.
  • Decluttering & donating used goods is a teachable moment for our children. It is important to teach our children how to maintain their living space and to let go. We don’t want them becoming hoarders. Also teaching them to be thoughtful and help others is significant to helping them become kind individuals with compassion and heart.

Whether it’s once a year or a few times a year, you should aim to declutter your space, organize it and get things in order. You will feel better and find a better sense of clarity. I personally plan to do a few more “purges” over the course of 2019. Keep in mind as well; if you do not want to donate your goods, but are looking to get rid of your items then yard sales are also a great option if you want to make a little profit off your used goods.

So keeping true to the wise words of 2019’s favorite home organizer Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t spark joy…get rid of it!

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