Can one have too many makeup brushes? Nooooooooooooooope! Well, in reality you can, but I choose to think I have not reached that point yet and will continue to add to my collection. My brush collection contains brushes ranging from professional high-end to dirt cheap. Although I have a mass amount of brushes, I have put them all to good use and honestly, I feel better when I have a large amount because I am not going to get stuck without a brush I need, when one decides to self-destruct when I am getting my glam on.

As I mentioned in my Silk’n Pink Swirl Cleansing Brush 2.0 post, I went to Kohl’s at the very end of December 2018 and did a mini haul in their beauty products section. I was able to pick up some fun beauty products and tools for dirt cheap. One of the products I picked up was the Royal Affair 10 piece brush set by BH Cosmetics LLC.


This is a 10 piece metalized brush set. The brushes are a mix of both face and eye brushes. Each brush has a silver and magenta metalized handle with two-tone plush synthetic bristles. Absolutely gorgeous! Now, I was able to get these for $12.50 (with Kohl’s coupons), so I honestly wasn’t expecting too much in terms of quality. However, when I got home, I was actually quite surprised with how nice these were. The bristles are a synthetic hair and pick up a decent amount of product and the finish on my face was quite comparable to that of some of my higher end brush sets. I was definitely impressed!

Brushes Included:



There is little to no shed with these brushes. This initially was a concern because when I first took these brushes out, some of the large ones had some loose bristles that came out immediately. But once those particular ones came out that was it. I have not had any shed since.

Overall, this brush set is fantastic and it is definitely a brush set worth having in your collection. It won’t break the bank, but you definitely will get professional quality with these brushes. They are cruelty-free and let’s be honest, they are gorgeous which just makes you want to use them that much more. I picked these up at Kohl’s for $12.50 with a coupon. However, these full price are only $25.00, so again picking these up won’t break the bank. 

So, do we think these are Fab or Fail? These are definitely Fab and worth checking out for sure! 


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