If you have never used a facial cleaning brush before then you need to start using one IMMEDIATELY. Like right now, stop reading this post and go get one!

A facial cleansing brush takes facial cleansing to a whole new level. These brushes are able to refresh, exfoliate, remove dirt, remove oil and makeup. You face will feel so much more clean and refreshed after using one. For me personally, cleansing brushes have made a tremendous difference in the appearance of my skin. Prior to having a cleansing brush, my skin was breaking out frequently from all of the makeup I wear. After I started using a cleansing brush, my breakouts practically disappeared. My skin hardly ever breaks out anymore (except for when I have an adverse reaction to a new product). I highly, HIGHLY recommend them.

Now, there are many cleansing brushes out there. There is one for every style and budget. Personally, I’m a bit frugal and often struggle to actually fork over the dough for products. Even though I definitely believe a cleansing brush is necessary for my skincare regiment, I refuse to spend a ridiculous amount on it. I have been able to test out some of the higher end brushes and honestly, I have not truly noticed an out of this world difference that would make me want to just hand over my wallet so to speak. I find the cheaper brushes to be just as effective.


With that said, I recently went to Kohl’s and was checking out their beauty products section, when I came across the Silk’n Pink Swirl Facial Cleansing Brush 2.0. This brush is normally $20.00, but I got it for $12.50 (Hooray for coupons!). This brush is a basic cleansing brush and it works fantastic! This came as a kit which contained one brush, one replacement head, 2 AA batteries and a manual. It is super easy to use. Pop in those batteries and go! 

I liked that the brush has two speeds and you can feel the spinning of the brush creating a suction like feeling as it cleans your skin. I honestly love that feeling, as it makes me feel confident that it’s sucking all the crap out of my pores and off my face. When I first used the Silk’n Pink Swirl Facial Cleansing Brush 2.0, I was not wearing any makeup. Just my daily moisturizer. I had been out shopping and doing other various things throughout the day. I was honestly amazed and equally disgusted by how cloudy and discolored the water from the brush was when I rinsed it each time. It definitely worked wonders cleansing my face. 

So, if you are looking to join the facial cleansing brush club, but don’t want to break the bank doing so, then I highly recommend trying the Silk’n Pink Swirl Facial Cleansing Brush 2.0. 



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