I am a huge fan of facial creams. When I was younger I did not have the best skin care routine. I would wash my face morning and night and only apply a moisturizer in the morning. As I got older and got more into makeup and beauty I learned about the benefits of moisturizers, serums and creams. I eventually started to incorporate these products into my routine and it made drastic improvements to my skin. Needless to say, I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest facial products to add to my routine.

Recently, I tried the Lumene Valo [Light] Overnight Bright Sleeping Cream. This came as a sample in my Target November 2018 Beauty Box.

Product Details:

  • Helps restore radiance while you sleep.
  • Revitalize dull-looking skin with the potent combination of seed extract and seed oil from antioxidant-rich Arctic cloudberry, vitamins A, B3, C and E, pure Arctic spring water and hyaluronic acid.
  • New technology helps to boost radiance and promote the healthy appearance of the skin, for softer, brighter-looking complexion overnight.


How To Use:

Apply to face and neck after cleansing every evening.



Right away I noticed this cream has a very pleasant smell. I can’t pinpoint the exact scent. I can only describe it is a very “clean” refreshing scent that is very relaxing. I absolutely love it. The cream itself is on the thicker side, similar to the consistency of body butter. I put this on after I washed my face, right before bed. When I first put it on it had a bit of a “tingly” feeling, but that faded pretty quickly. The cream itself feels slightly greasy. My concern was that it was going to be one of those creams that never fully absorb (and stains your pillow). However, after about 30 seconds of massaging it into my face it had fully absorbed. One of my biggest fears about using this cream and leaving it on overnight, stemmed from the fact it contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C and I have a love/hate relationship, especially when it comes to my skin. Vitamin C tends to cause my skin to break out BADLY. So, I honestly was half expecting this to just turn my face red and break it out. I was super stoked to wake up the next morning and see that my skin was not broken out, but it actually appeared to be more clear and brighter. In addition to the physical improvement in the appearance of my skin, it felt silky smooth. There were only a few spots on my cheeks that were slightly red. Nothing a little foundation couldn’t handle.

Overall, this is a great night cream. For me personally, I will only be using it 2x a week to start. I don’t want to use it too much, as I don’t want to irritate my skin due to my sensitivity to the Vitamin C. So, if you are like me you may want to start off with the same frequency. I would definitely recommend it for those of you looking for a new night cream to add to your skin care routine.


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