Our society is absolutely fascinated with big lips. Take Kylie Jenner for example. After she made the decision to have a little work done to her lips, we became obsessed with her. Being a smart woman, she turned our obsession with those lips into a multi-million (now almost BILLION) dollar empire. Now, I would be a full on hypocrite to say that there weren’t times I wish I had fuller lips. My lips aren’t super thin, but they aren’t super full either. I personally though have chosen the route to not have injections or any procedures done to enhance my lips. I instead prefer to use temporary plumping products and makeup artistry to give the illusion my lips are bigger then they are. So whenever I am giving the opportunity to try out new plumping products I jump at it.


Recently, I got to try this product which I like to call the “Pink Goop”. This “Pink Goop” is actually Herbal Dynamics Beauty® Volumizing & Soothing Rapid Lip Mask. This product claims to give you a fuller pout in only a few minutes. So, I had to try it out!


How to Use:

  1. On clean lips, apply generously to lip area only. (I used a Q-Tip to apply)
  2. Leave on for 3-5 minutes
  3. Remove with a cloth or tissue. 
  4. Follow with lip balm to retain moisture.

It is important to note, that prior to applying this product I used a lip scrub to exfoliate my lips. This allows for the product to absorb better and be more efficient.



As you can see there was definitely some visible plumping. I mean I wasn’t suddenly Angelina Jolie, but it was a difference. I do have to forewarn that upon initial application there is a tingling sensation, but this will fade after about a minute or so. Other than that this is a quick and easy process. I have been putting this on after I come out of the shower in the morning, prior to putting on all my lotions and makeup. After I remove the lip mask, I apply some lip balm to help make my lips extra silky smooth. Overall, I find the plumping from the mask lasts me about 5 hours or so. I am not sure honestly if that will be the case for everyone that tries this product, but that is at least the case for me after using it for a few days. Now, in terms of being able to utilize this product long-term when it comes to cost, this retails for around $20.00 and a little goes a long way. So, I definitely think this is something that is affordable and you could essentially keep as a constant in your beauty routine if you wanted. So, my overall opinion is this product is a definite win and I will definitely continue to use.

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As always with my posts, my opinions are my own. If I am ever being sponsored or a post contains affiliate links I will note that within the post.

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