When you are a subscription box addict you tend to come across a lot of new products. I have discovered some of my favorite beauty products via subscription boxes like FabFitFun, Ipsy & Birchbox. These products I never would have on my own gone out and tried, but when they are sent to you in one of these boxes you will find yourself giving these products a shot and sometimes falling in love with them.

I got to recently try the GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET™ Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask. I have been hearing fantastic reviews about this product. Everybody has been talking about it from celebrities to online beauty gurus. There has been a definite hype around this mask and when I found out these masks were going to be included for everyone in the Fall 2018 FabFitFun box I was super excited!



  • First of its kind deep cleanse mask with Green Tea Teaoxi® that works to reveal glowing skin. It provides a simple solution to dullness, uneven texture and pores.
  • Works on Normal, Oily, Combination & Dry skin types.
  • Formula does NOT contain Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates.
  • Effectively removes dirt, excess oil, and makeup buildup.
  • Translucent cleanser oxygenates and transforms into a face-forming foam cushion and 3-D micro-bubbles foam in all directions for the ultimate detox.
  • The black bamboo charcoal sheet is infused with a micro-bubbling cleanser, featuring Green Tea Teaoxi® technology and the essential amino acid l-arginine for radiant skin.
  • A subtle tingling sensation awakens the complexion, while fresh citrus invigorates the senses.



How To Use:

  1. Place mask on damp face and align the eye and nose area.
  2. Leave on for approximately 3 minutes.
  3. Remove mask and gently massage face.
  4. Rinse face clean with charcoal-infused cloth.





So, my first impression when I put on this mask was that I felt like I had a “Man In The Iron Mask” vibe going on. Aside from that the mask itself was saturated and not obnoxiously drenched in product which was nice. It doesn’t have this overpowering scent, just a clean scent that actually makes you feel confident good things are about to happen to your skin. The mask is cut nicely and fit my face well. I hate when you put on a mask and the eye holes are crooked or you have to spend an absurd amount of time adjusting it to get it just right. This mask I was able to slap onto my face and not have to worry about any of that. Now, maybe it’s just the little kid deep down inside of me, but I actually was having fun with this mask. I mean let’s be honest bubbles are fun. They are just happy. I honestly found myself routing on the bubbles to see how big they would get. The oxygenation produced quite a bit of them! After 3 minutes, I removed the mask and used the mask itself to massage in the product using a circular motion. After a minute of doing this, I rinsed my face clean and pat it dry. My skin definitely had a visible glow after the use of this mask. My pores seemed slightly reduced as well. I didn’t see any dramatic change to the overall tone of my skin. Any dark spots or unevenness didn’t really change. The biggest thing I noticed though was truly how soft this mask got my skin. My skin felt like silk after. I couldn’t stop touching my face. It was amazing! I would definitely use this mask again as my skin did feel nice. Ultimately, it did provide some of the benefits that it claimed to do. Again the one thing I didn’t find it did was change my overall skin tone, but that perhaps is something that may take time to see results. All in all, this mask was a great mask and I would definitely say it’s worth a try!

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