If you are someone who has ever researched anything holistic, I am sure you have heard of “Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps”. These lamps are created basically by sticking a light inside of a chunk of Pink Himalayan Salt. When turned on these lamps create a beautiful, soft pink glow.

When the light is turned on it heats up the salt which causes it to release negative ions which supposedly do the following:

  • Purify the air
  • Boost Blood Flow
  • Improve Sleep
  • Calm Allergies
  • Calm Asthma
  • Increase serotonin levels in the brain
  • Neutralize electromagnetic Radiation from household electronics
  • Prevent Static Electricity Build up
  • And…a plethera of other benefits


I decided I wanted to try these because I am one of those super lucky people who get horrific allergies this time of year from Ragweed. The past week I felt like I was literally sneezing every minute. It’s been so bad this year that the nonstop sneezing has been starting to give me very frequent migraines. So I ordered a pack of two 7″ salt lamps with dimmer switches. I have one in the living room and one next to my bed. I have been using them for a week.






I have to say I noticed a HUGE difference in my allergies. I went from sneezing nonstop to only a handful of times the entire week. I haven’t been using any other allergy remedies. These lamps were the only thing new. I can really notice the difference when I leave the house to go to work. My sneezing starts up again and gets really bad. When I return home it calms down. The lamps also create an extremely calming and relaxing atmosphere. So, I am not sure if that is those negative ions, but they help me relax. My husband who has asthma has also noticed a slight reduction in his need for his inhaler. Again, when he leaves the house and is not around the lamps he needs his inhaler more. Regarding the other benefits, I have not really noticed if these make a difference. Then again I was not really aware if I was being affected by some of these things. Like if I had static electricity build up, as I never tried to shock anyone with my finger or see if a balloon would stick to the wall. But it’s possible.



All in all, I can’t confirm that these other benefits are true, but I will say I believe they do help with allergies. My sneezing at home went from being nonstop all day long to only sneezing a handful of times throughout an entire week’s time. The only addition to my life were these Himalayan Salt Lamps. So, I do think if you are an allergy sufferer like me they might be worth a shot. One thing to note is that if you do intend to try out Himalayan Salt lamps, then make sure you do your research as there are a boat load of cheap and not true Himalayan Salt Lamps out there.

Have you tried Himalayan Salt Lamps? What has been your experience with them?

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