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For those of your that may not know, I am a lover of tattoos. I know, I know “It’s on your body forever and you have to live with this decision forever” or “You know those will get faded and wrinkly as you get older“. Yes, I am fully aware of all of this. I, however, am totally comfortable with that happening. I am not getting anything that is not thoroughly thought out or something that doesn’t have meaning to me. Everything I permanently put on my body is something that I honestly am proud to have on it and show off (Even when I am a wrinkly 90-year-old woman). My tattoos are an expression of myself and I get them for me, not anyone else. I do not plan to cover my entire body in tattoos, but I am also one that would feel completely uncomfortable in my own skin without them. I feel naked without them to be honest.

My tattoos to date are as follows:

  • Celtic Cross on my lower back
  • Quote on my left wrist
  • “Roses” right shoulder
  • Quote on right shoulder-blade

Recently, I had a touch up done to my shoulder. This tattoo was an irish quote and was just under 10 years old. As you can see it was significantly faded from age and sun exposure. There are many spots where the ink is completely blurred or even gone. Case in point the apostrophe in the word “you’re” was gone. Now, I will say, I keep all my tattoos in impeccable condition (I am religious about their care), but this one with the constant exposure to the sun (from wearing tank tops in the summer) did not fare well vs the tattoos I have that are constantly covered. 



As, a result of this fading, I decided to head to the tattoo shop and see what could be done. I ultimately wanted to see if the tattoo could be “refreshed”. My worry was it was so faded that it would not be able to be touched up properly. I went there full well expecting that this was going to be a cover up. The first impressions by a few of the artists there was that my tattoo was too faded to properly touch it up and that it would have to be covered. I was really bummed about that because I love this tattoo and its placement. Lucky for me, I was able to connect with an amazing tattoo artist named Natalia. She is a true artist and is dedicated to her craft. She was able to take my faded tattoo and breath new life into it.


IMG_20180815_002745_042As you can see, my tattoo is renewed. I love that the old faded version shows through a bit giving it a shadowy effect. It sort of captures the past and present. This tattoo means alot to me, so being able to see a hint of the original is super cool to me. I look forward to many more years of this tattoo!


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