Interior design has always been something that I have truly enjoyed throughout my entire teen and adult life. Making a bland and boring space my own and being able to infuse the space with a bit of personality is something I live for.

In my house, I have a long hallway that leads to basically a square that all the bedrooms surround. At the beginning of the hallway there is a random “indent” on the corner. I have no idea why it’s there. It’s just one of those weird, awkward spaces. I have for years never done anything with that space and progressively over the years it has annoyed me more and more. I never really could think of what to do with it. Well, I am happy to report, I finally figured out how to utilize the space to make it functional and cute.


What I ended up doing…



As you can see, I decided to put a simple wall mirror there. Nothing fancy. The mirror that I had been using prior to this one, was a mirror that hung over the back of my bedroom door. The problem was that it was in an area that was not well-lit. So, sometimes it was hard to properly judge how something looked or fit. By hanging this mirror in the hallway, I was able to eliminate that door mirror and utilize this space. In terms, of decorating, I decided to hang some simple chic wall art that I had made. I am still debating if I would like to add perhaps a wall decal or a shelf with some hooks on the wall to the right of the mirror. For now I until I can make a decision I will leave the setup as is.

I love that this awkward little space is now functional and serves a purpose. I even think our dogs like it, I have caught them checking themselves out in the mirror as well!


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