We’re not drooling…You are! 

So…lately, I have been obsessed with using Oreo Cookies in a bunch of my recipes. I don’t know why to be honest. I sometimes, for whatever reason, just get a thought in my mind and I have to just run with it.


The other night when I was making my weekly batch of chocolate chip cookies, I saw the package of Oreos on the refrigerator and thought to myself “O ya, this is happening”! I grabbed the package off the refrigerator and took out some Oreos. You know what I did next? If you are thinking that I smothered the Oreo in chocolate chip cookie dough, then you are correct! I packed cookie dough around the Oreo cookie until it was fully encased inside. 

(If you would like to know the recipe for the Chocolate Chip Cookies and the dough I used to make these then check out my Chewy Chocolate Chip & Chunk Cookies recipe)

I placed the balls on a baking sheet and placed in the oven to bake as normal.

Behold the results! These were delicious! The warmth and moisture of the chocolate chip cookie dough softened the Oreo cookie, creating a wonderful center. If you have never attempted this easy to do dessert, then I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed. (I mean let’s be honest, you get to enjoy two different cookies at the same time! There really is nothing to be disappointed in).






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