I have always been one to really take care of my skin. As a preteen and young adult, I suffered from acne and extremely sensitive skin. It was a huge hit to my self-confidence and I hated the way I felt.  As a result, I became obsessive with my skin care. I was able to find a way to calm my skin and manage my skin issues.

Over the years, I have tried many different skin care products and treatments. One of my favorite treatments that I use regularly are facial masks. They work wonders on my skin. I still have to be careful about which facial masks I use and the ingredients contained in them, as I have had some awful reactions from some masks in the past.

One facial mask that I recently tried was the APTO Healing Turmeric Mask. I had received this mask in my July ipsy Glam Bag. The main product in this mask is Turmeric. Turmeric for those of you that don’t know is a very powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory agent. I have used turmeric in the past as a supplement to help with inflammation in my knees, but never thought to ever use it on my face.


I am always very nervous to try new products on my face, but I was pleasantly surprised with this mask. I had absolutely no redness or irritation. It was cool feeling on my face and light weight. It hardly felt like anything was on my face. It was simple to remove and my skin felt very soft and any impurities such as acne and redness were absolutely reduced. The full effects of the mask were very apparent the following day. 

Overall, this mask was fantastic. It worked wonders on my skin. My only qualm is the price of a full-sized amount of it. It is slightly expensive in my opinion. However, it is one of those products that worked so well for me that I can overlook the price. I will definitely be adding this to my skin care arsenal.

Have you tried the APTO Healing Turmeric Mask?



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