Pain sucks! It’s never fun waking up and feeling like “Today is the day I am going to conquer the world!” only to immediately feel shitty, because you suddenly have horrific back pain, leg pain or some other awful pain. tumblr_mjgnu8xpBJ1s820rho1_500.gifPain is a downer….like a Maaaaajor downer. I for one am totally fed up with it. In my younger years (Dang, I feel old for saying that) I did a ton of sports. I was highly active and in all honesty, gave my body a beating. Now that I am older, not as active and have put on some weight, I am starting to definitely feel a lot more pain. My pain unfortunately affects me pretty much everywhere. As I type this post right now, I can say I have pain in my hands, feet and knees. On any given day I struggle with pain. I have been to the doctors numerous times over the years and some have basically just said they feel my pain is a result of my age and being an “office worker”. I took that to mean they think I’m old, fat and inactive. Which yes, I can confirmed I am of an advancing age. Yes, I am gaining weight (I love food…sorry not sorry). However, inactive….NOPE, I may not be doing sports anymore, but inactive I am NOT. I am always doing something and moving, so their assumption was invalid. Needless to say, I followed up with another doctor, who came to the opinion I could possibly have Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a when you have widespread muscle pain and tenderness. They had arrived at this conclusion due to the fact they ruled out any other plausible cause for the wide-spread pain. After that I didn’t follow-up with anymore doctors. I just decided that I needed to find a way to live my life regardless of the pain. If it truly was not going to go away, I had to find a way to manage it and still live my life.

I have spent quite a while researching different ways to manage my “aches” and although I do still have some rough days, I have found some ways to help me manage my pain and make it easier to carry on with my life. They all are pretty cost-effective and for me help me alleviate my pain as needed. My hope is that they may help someone else experiencing pain find a bit of relief so they can live their life!

  1. Tiger Balm “Red Extra Strength”A topical analgesic that you can rub on which works pretty instantaneously. Its active ingredients are Camphor and Menthol. This is pretty much one of my “I can’t live without this stuff” items. I have it with me at all times. It’s not expensive. However, just being prepared and understand that the trade-off for it working well is that it smells. It’s not a terrible smell, it’s just strong.
  2. Salonpas with 4% Lidocaine (Roll on)This stuff is works great! It takes a little longer to kick in than Tiger Balm does, but it does work. I also carry this pretty much everywhere I go. You simply roll it on, give it a couple of seconds to dry and then wait for it to kick in. It is low odor and has a slight hint of wintergreen to it. I highly recommend.
  3. Alieve Back & MuscleThis stuff works very well for when I have a bad day that just topical treatment won’t fix. I find it works slightly better than your regular Alieve.
  4. “20 On/ 20 Off” MethodThis method is what I do when I am at home and I am sore, but don’t have to go anywhere. This “20 On/20 Off” refers to applying cold for 20 minutes and then heat for 20 minutes. This alternating method does work. At first, honestly, I didn’t feel like it did much of anything. However, the more I stuck with it the more I realized how much it was working. I was just not recognizing its affect in the beginning.
  5. MovingSo yeah, I know what you thinking. How the heck is moving a solution to pain that is likely PREVENTING you from moving? Well, I know it’s tough. I know it sucks. But sometimes, when I’m feeling super stiff and achy. When I have tried everything else. I go for a walk. Honestly, walking gets you muscle moving and your blood flowing. The first 10 minutes of my walk SUCK! It often feels like agony, but after that it actually progressively feels better. The pain doesn’t completely go away, but I don’t feel stiff and locked up. I am more mobile and flexible feeling after. When I return from my walk, I typically try to immediately utilize on of my topical ointments so that they can get down into the now loosened muscle.


What methods do you utilize for pain management? 


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  1. Anger, yelling at my fiance’ and then asking him to rub where the pain is, holding my breath when the pain is at its highest…ya know, typical stuff lol.
    Pain killers usually do not help me. I mainly suffer with migraines – was heavily medicated on loratabs when I was younger and now that is the only thing that will both knock it and me out.
    I know what kind of pain you’re talking about though. Stretching is actually one of the best things you can do for your body. It both warms up and cools down those muscles. That might be something to try before and after your walks. Just a few simple ones.

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