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I was lucky enough to try out the “Foreo Luna FoFo” in my Summer FabFitFun box. This beauty device is a silicone face cleanser and skin analyzer in one. It officially launched exclusively in the Summer FabFitFun box (Get $10 off your first FabFitFun box today! Click here and use promo code “NEW10”).

Via an app you download, this device can tell you information about your face such as if it is dry, oily, combination. It also can calculate our skin age. It has two small sensors that you can place on various areas of your face. Once it analyzes your skin, it comes up with a personalized cleansing routine. Utilizing the Foreo Luna FoFo app you are able to follow this cleansing routine which can help correct any issues the analysis detected.


As far as cost this retails at $89.00. Honestly, I don’t know if I can justify that cost or not yet. So far, after using this product for a few weeks, I have noticed a slight improvement in my skin, but nothing that is out of this world that would make me go purchase this for $89.00. 



 Instructions on how to use the FOREO Luna FOFO?

1. Download the FOREO For You App

  • Download the free “FOREO For You” app for Android via Google Play; or for iOS via the App Store and set up your skin profile.  The app will invite you to create an account, and ask a series of questions to learn more about your skin.

2. Sync your LUNA FOFO to the App

  • Hold the “ON” button for 3 seconds until it starts blinking. Then give it a couple of seconds to connect to the app.

3. Analyze Your Skin   

  • Remove all make-up and wash your face before you analyze your skin. The app will prompt you to analyze each section of your face with two sensors on the back of your LUNA FOFO. Afterwards, the app will give you a detailed skin profile including your starting skin type, skin age and more.

4. Cleanse Your Face

  • Lightly dampen your face and apply cleanser to the skin or directly to the LUNA FOFO. Use the LUNA fofo in circular motions and a vibration will prompt you to move to the next section of your face. It automatically turns off when the routine is complete!

5. Update Personal Routine

  • Most of you will see an immediate difference to the look and feel of your skin within a few days. Please repeat Analyze to update your cleansing routine at least twice in the 7 days after using LUNA FOFO.


It’s really quite simple. I have been trying to follow a consistent schedule for analyzing my skin. I try to analyze my skin twice a week (Monday & Friday). So far, the only difference has been that my skin was slightly more dry and needed more moisture in some suggested areas. One thing I do love about this device, is that it feels fantastic on my skin. I LOVE coming home from a long day at work, removing all my makeup and then using this. It feel like a really good face massage. It just relaxes me. I honestly feel the stress melting away as I am using this. That alone to me is more of a benefit than what the product was actually intended for.

For cleanser I would recommend using a cream cleanser or any cleanser that does NOT have any scrubber beads or any rough exfoliation particles in it. I tried using a cleanser with exfoliating beads and it made my skin really red and irritated. I think having the beads and the vibrations from the FOFO was just too rough for my skin.


Overrall, I like this product. I would say as of now, I would not go and purchase this at the store for the price of $89.00, however as I mentioned, I received this in my FabFitFun Summer box and a FabFitFun box goes for $49.99 and you get a bunch of other full sized products. So to me, when you break it down in that sense it was worth it!

What is your opinion on the new Foreo Luna FOFO?


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