Beauty Box Subscriptions (any subscription really) are definitely a new age addiction. I absolutely love looking forward to getting my boxes each month (and quarter). I think the fact it’s just for me and something that I can look forward to each month, just makes it so appealing. In a hectic world, these beauty boxes allow for much-needed “Me Time”, even though typically it’s only the 5-10 minutes when I open the box and check out the products. But nonetheless it’s “Me Time”! So, I’ll definitely take that small win!

Since, the beauty box subscription explosion occurred it has been targeting primarily a female audience. While anyone can purchase these subscriptions, the marketing does heavily lean towards the female audience. However, recently I have been starting to see more and more companies offering “Men’s Grooming Boxes” or “Men’s Beauty Boxes”. One of those companies is Walmart. Although not a true subscription, as it is a one time purchase, I have noticed that the option to purchase the “Men’s Grooming Box” has not gone away yet. It continues to remain on the site and seems to change ever so slightly month over month. Now, because I can tell (even though he won’t admit it) my husband is super jealous of all my boxes each month, I decided to get this box for him so he could join in the fun as well.  Check it out!


Retail Cost: $7.00

Included Products

  • Blue Canvas Toiletry Bag
  • Equate 3 Blade Razor (1 Razor and 2 Cartridges)
  • Selsun Blue: 3-in-1 Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Body Benefits: XL Backscrubber
  • ACT Restoring Mouth Wash in Mint Burst
  • Gold Bond: 5-in-1 Face Lotion with SPF 15
    WMGK 3



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