Life for me is crazy busy at all moments. Between work, kids and all of life’s hassles it is nice to sometimes get away. What is my method of getting away? Going for a hike.

Hiking for me personally is a great way to get in some needed exercise, blow off some steam, get the dogs pent-up energy out and it’s also a way to get away from technology that has invaded my life. Every weekend we make a point to chisel out some time from our schedules, pack up the family and head out for a hike. This past weekend we decided to hike at Upton State Forest. We had never been there before, but let me tell you it was absolutely beautiful.

The Upton State Forest has 2,660 acres of forest which is full of ponds, swamps, creeks, trails, boulders and historic structures that date back to the 1930’s. It is very calm and serene. Check it out below!


Hiking Pictures


USF 3.jpg


USF 2.jpg


USF 9.jpg

USF 11.jpg

USFb 16.jpg

I truly love our hikes. There are no cell phones in use (with exception of when I take a picture or an emergency), there are no TVs and no distractions. It’s the world at is most basic primal form. It’s just our family together, enjoying nature!

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