One thing I enjoy doing is reviewing products. My favorite platform for product reviews is BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a product testing company. They are based in Boston, MA and claim to be the leading W.O.M (Word of Mouth) marketing company out there. In order to participate in the product testing you will need to go to their website and create a profile. Once your profile is created, you will then be tasked with answering survey questions. These questions will constantly be coming in. These survey questions help BzzAgent match you with product campaigns that best meet your interests and likes.

BzzAgent Surveys

Once you are matched with a product campaign, you will be given the option to accept the campaign or decline it. If you accept the campaign you will be sent the product to test. You will be given a specific amount of time to review the product and then report back to BzzAgent via an activity. Now each campaign is different. Some campaigns you will need to do just a simple review while others will give you the options of multiple tasks aka “activities” to complete such as a review on BzzAgent  or posting a review to social media, etc.

BzzAgent Campaign.PNG

BzzAgent Campaign Activities.PNG

Remember your BzzScore does matter. The lower your score is the fewer campaigns you will receive. You need to keep up with your surveys and make sure to complete you campaign activities. Failing to do those will result in loss of potential campaigns.

BzzAgent Profile.PNG

All in All, BzzAgent is super easy and super fun. So if you love reviewing free products, I suggest giving BzzAgent a try today!

Please note: I was NOT paid for this post. I like this company and their website. I simply want to share my opinion and some details with you folks.

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