As a Bzz Agent, I am always testing out new products.  I have had some good ones and some not so good ones.

One product I got to test recently, I ended up absolutely LOVING IT!  The product is “Downy April Fresh Liquid Fabric Enhancer“.

Rotated Downy

Downy April Fresh Liquid Fabric Enhancer truly enhanced my laundry!  I have to admit that typically, I just buy whatever is on sale at the store and use that.  I have never been one to fuss over the scent, or softness of my laundry.  However, after trying this product, I have to say my family and I noticed a HUGE difference.

I have never done laundry before where I found myself actually holding up a sweater to my nose and breathing in the pleasant smell.  It was like I had an epiphany that this is how laundry is supposed to smell! 


  • This product has a pleasant and long-lasting scent.  The scent itself is a powerful and yet mild floral scent.  I suffer from migraines and sometimes things that are fragrant such as perfume, air fresheners and laundry detergents can trigger them.  I am very happy to report after using this for a week, I have not suffered one migraine.
  • Helps reduce wrinkles.  I found that my ironing was significantly reduced. 
  • Fantastic at softening up the fabrics.  I did a test with this product and took YEARS old towels that we use strictly for the wiping off the dogs when they are wet and muddy.  These towels STINK and they are very rough feeling.  I have to say I was beyond impressed with how soft this got these dingy towels.  It was a huge improvement.  The smell was also amazing!  These towels had an old and musky smell to them.  It’s gross, but after one wash they were smelling amazing.  The dogs seemed to notice the difference too, as they were stopping to sniff the towels when we dried them off.


  • My biggest issue with this product is that it claims to help prevent static cling.  Unfortunately, I do not feel that it lives up to this claim.  I had to throw a few loads back in with dryer sheets to prevent the static. 


Summary:  This product for me will definitely become a normal part of my laundry routine going forward.  Its strong yet mild smell is unmatched and since it doesn’t cause me migraines I can definitely use on a regular basis.  This definitely delivers on its promise to make your laundry soft with its powerful softening ability.  Although it underwhelmed a bit when it came to reducing static cling, that was not a deal breaker for me.  You simply just need to throw a dryer sheet in and this issue is resolved.  Overall “Downy April Fresh Liquid Fabric Enhancer” is a great product and I would highly recommend trying it out for yourself.



Please note: I am getting NOT paid for this review.  I am a Bzz Agent and I am sent free products in exchange for my honest opinion.

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