Do you love your hardwood floors and hardwood furniture?  Do you love keeping it looking nice? Do you get beyond annoyed when you see that a scratch has appear out of thin air on the floor or on your table? Well, so do I.  What also annoys me is the fact that these scratches appear out of thin air and thus POOF my hard-earned money disappears into thin air.

Well, I recently came across truly one of the best scratch sealer tools ever…


Trust me you read that correctly.  Turns out the oils in a walnut make for a perfect scratch sealer tool. You simply remove the walnut from its shell and run the walnut on to the scratch.  They take your finger and rub it into the scratch.  The heat from your finger will help activate the oil and then you just watch the scratch disappear from sight.

The great thing about this simple trick is it works on all hardwood, its cheap and you won’t have to use any chemicals.

Now please keep in mind. The walnut oil is NOT actually fixing the scratch.  This method seals and eliminates the appearance of the scratch.  You will still be able to run your finger over the spot and feel the scratch. It just won’t be right up in your face anymore.

Try it out and see how it works for yourself!


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