So, this weekend I did a Flea Market haul, and I got a ton of really cool stuff that I plan on flipping! One of the things, I end up getting, was a pack of old wooden picture frames.  They were bland, boring and perfect! I immediately got the idea to turn this into an art piece for the bathroom wall.  I have been working on my “Bathroom Renovation” and I had a barren wall that needed a cool piece.


The first thing I did was take the picture frames apart.  I took out the glass, the backing and kept just the wooden frames.  I sanded them down until the finish was removed and then I wiped them clean with a tack cloth.

Next, I painted the frames with white chalk paint. When the paint was dry, I took some steel wool and distressed the paint slightly. I set one frame aside.  For the remaining two frames, I took a small sponge brush and dipped the tip in a “Dark Walnut” interior stain. I then went over the distressed parts of the frame with the stain. Once all the stain was on the frame, I took a rag and wiped the stain down (Make sure to work with the grain, not against it).  This gave the frames a unique “smudgey” appearance that I thought was neat looking.



I had some scrap wood lying around from some other projects, so I took a piece of that and cut it into a rectangle. I then painted that with chalk paint and let that dry. Once it was fully dry, I took a light blue paint and painted completely over the chalk paint and then let it dry.

Once that was dry, I took my steel wool and lightly distressed it.

Once all the pieces were complete, I sprayed them down with a clear finish.

I then arranged the frames on top of the scrap wood in a pattern that I thought was cool looking and used a hot glue gun to attach everything together.

I used picture wire and two screws anchored on the back to make a hook and then hung it on my bathroom.

Easy Peasy and definitely makes for a neat little art piece!

Give it a try! It’s a great way to recycle some old picture frames just lying around!

This item is now available for sale in my Etsy shop. Click Here!

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