Hey all! As you know, I am in the process of renovating my bathroom.  My bathroom is on the smaller side and it has proven to be a designing challenge.  I am constantly struggling with trying to create a visually appealing bathroom, and at the same time creating a space that is functional.

This past weekend, I decided I was going to tackle the space over the toilet.  Originally, I was just going to throw up a standard white, two door storage cabinet on the wall.  The problem with that is, it just made the bathroom feel too generic and boring.  It met my needs for storage, but visually was just ugly and bland.

On Friday, I went to A.C Moore to get some crafting supplies and I saw they were having a sale on mini wooden crates and it was then I got and idea.  I would us the mini crates to make shelving over the toilet.  I purchased six crates, with the idea that I would put two together to make a shelf and then stack the shelves.

When I got home, I took a piece of 400 grit sandpaper and just did a quick sanding.  I then used a tack cloth and wiped down the crates.

apple crate storage shelf 6apple crate storage shelf 7

After, I stained the crate with Miniwax interior stain in Dark Walnut.  I then let the crates dry overnight.

apple crate storage shelf 4

apple crate storage shelf 5apple crate storage shelf 10

The next day, I went into my bathroom and measured my space.  I determined my placement and began to hang the crates.  I chose to do a total of three shelves with two crates making up each shelf.  I made sure to level each individual crate then the final shelf. I secured the crates to the wall using anchors and screws. AND for anyone wondering, because pictures can be misleading, my wall color is a very light gray.

apple crate storage shelf 2.JPGApple crate toilet shelf 1.JPG

All in all, I was very excited with the end result. It gave my bathroom a bit of a rustic element and I think the mini crates are unique.  Additionally, it provides me with some storage and that design flair I am looking for. It is the best of both worlds.  Another pro of this project is the cost.  This costly me a very minimal amount of money.  I would have spent a LOT more on a bland boring cabinet had I gone that route.

So, if you have a micro bathroom like mine and looking to add some “flair” give this and try! 



  • Measure you space and draw a level “guide” line lightly in pencil on the wall.  This will help with lining your crates up when securing to the wall.
  • I recommend a foam brush when staining the crates and I let the stain soak into the wood.  I chose NOT to wipe the excess.
  • If you are not securing directly into your studs, make sure to use anchors and not just sink a screw directly into drywall.  You don’t want the weight ripping the shelf out of the wall.


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