tree cones final
A Christmas tree is probably one of my all time favorite decorations ever.  I absolutely love turning off all the lights and having my Christmas tree cast a warm, cozy glow over our living room. I find it truly enjoyable and  absolutely relaxing.

So this past weekend, when I was binge watching Game of Thrones, I found myself thinking about how cold my living room felt.  I had begun to put up our fall decor, but it just wasn’t helping.  I turned to my husband suddenly and I said “You know the Christmas tree would make the room feel cozy”.  He simply laughed and said “No, it’s October, you’ll have to wait”.  You see though waiting doesn’t work for me.  I am notoriously NOT patient and wanted my cozy ambiance now!

So, I found myself pulling myself away from the TV and planning how I was going to get my cozy light without my Christmas tree.  I decided I was going to make a “Just because I feel like it Fall Tree”.  I wasn’t going to do a ginormous tree, just a small little tree that I would put by front door that would look nice when entering, satisfy my want of some warm light and my husband couldn’t say a thing because it was a “Fall” tree.

So I got my plan together, went to Home Depot and began to construct my tree.

What you will need:
  • Plastic Planter Urn
  • Tomato Cage (Get the rounded cone kind)
  • LED String Lights
  • Fall Leaves Garland
  • Pine Cones (Cinnamon Scented)
  1. Insert the tomato cage into the planter urn and tie the feet of the tomato cage into a point.
    tomatoe cage in urn.JPG
  2. Test you string of lights to make sure they all work
  3. Wrap you string lights around tomato cage.  Make sure you leave enough slack at the end that plugs into the outlet.
    cage with lights
  4. Test you lights again to see if you need to rearrange your lights distribution on the cage
    cage lights on.JPG
  5. Take “fall” fake leaves garland and wrap around the tomato cage and lights until it is to your liking.
    tree on 1
  6. Next, you need to hang the pine cones (this is optional).
  7. First you need to take a brown pipe cleaner and wrap it around the pine cone.
  8. Then you secure the pine cone to the tree.
    tree cones final
  9. Place the tree in your desired location and enjoy!




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