This is my kitchen!realtor photo kitchen 

Well, not anymore.  This was what my kitchen looked like when I purchased my home.  This was the realtor photo they used on our listing.  As you can see my kitchen is on the smaller side and stuck in the 50s.  Now, I can appreciate the styling of the 50s, however, I personally feel that style is best left in the past.

This past summer after some ridiculous contractor estimates and have an ephiphany that changed my life, I decided that I wanted to bring my kitchen forth into the present.  So I decided to give my kitchen a face lift.  I decided to go with a face lift instead of a  complete redo because aside from the style of the kitchen the bones and layout of this kitchen was fantastic.  I decided really that it was the coloring that needed to be changed.  It was a fix that would be cheap, it would make a quick visual impact and would add value to my house.

cabinet doorsI decided the first thing I was going to do was change the cabinet fronts to shaker.  I wanted to give them some dimension vs leaving them flat.  I bought some wood strips and simply cut and glued them to fit the perimeter of each cabinet front.  I filled in the cracks and seams with paintable caulk.  Then, I primed and painted each front white.

Next, I sanded down the cabinet housing and gross brick around the oven.  Then I primed and painted those white as well.  It took me two coats of Kilz 2 primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Semi Gloss paint in super white in order to achieve the look I wanted.  One thing I wanted to mention was in between each coat of primer and paint I used I sanded down the cabinet with 400 grit fine sandpaper.  This would me  gently rough up the primer and paint thus creating a better surface for the next layer to adhere too.  I highly recommend doing this in order to achieve the best possible adhesion.  After I had painted the housing of the cabinets, I threw up a coat of a blue paint I had in the garage.  Honestly, I could not stand to look at my Cabernet red walls anymore.  They were hideous and had to housing painted

After the cabinet fronts, the cabinet housings, and the brick were painted I installed the counter.  I decided to go with the SALJAN counter top from Ikea.  I chose this counter top because granite was just not something I could afford and this counter top was extremely affordable and was more of the style I wanted.  I did not want a countertop with end returns, or a raised back side.  I like the look of the counter being completely counter

After the countertop installation, we installed a new stainless steel double sink, our existing cooktop, a new stainless steel range hood and the cabinet fronts.  Once, all of that was installed and anchored I went ahead and I installed a backsplash.  I decided to try  a unique product I had heard about called Crystiles.  Crystiles is a peel and stick faux tile backsplash that is of high quality and looks like actual tile.  I at first was very skeptical about using this but I went ahead and ordered a few samples and they were indeed very real looking and extremely cost-effective vs installing a real tile back splash.  You simple measure your space, order the amount you need, cut each piece to fit your space, peel and stick.  It’s that simple and they actually hold up extremely well.  I have had grease, sauce and hot pans hit them.  You simple just wipe them down and they look beautiful again.Kitchen UPDATED2

Currently, this is what my kitchen looks like.  I have added new curtains and purchased a portable kitchen island with a butcher block top.  I have a few things that I am currently working on such as finishing up painting on drawer, adding pull handles to the drawers and I need to update the ceiling light that is over the sink area of the kitchen. I updated the light over the eat in kitchen area to a pendant and it looks beautiful.  You may be wondering where my kitchen table is.  Well, I hate every kitchen table I have seen so far.  There is not a single one I like that fits the space. So until I find the perfect table it will remain empty.

pendnat space

This portion of my house is this close to being complete and I am very excited to almost be done with it.  I will provide an update when I am fully complete and have staged it. Until next time!



**Please note: NONE of the products I mentioned where mentioned because I was paid by that company.  I mentioned those products purely because I had decided to use them after research and I liked them.

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