One of the great ways to add value to your home is to renovate your bathroom. It’s one of the most important rooms in your dwelling and buyer’s will definitely be willing to pay a little more if it’s done up.  The problem with renovating your bathroom is it can be an extremely costly project.  The average bathroom remodeling cost for the average small bathroom runs between $6000 – $10,000. Oh yah, it can be that expensive.  

My home is not that big.  It is your typical raised ranch 3 beds 1 bath.  The floor plan is not flexible and does not allow you to change much around without compromising the space of the other areas of the home. I realized the best we could do was take my bathroom from the 50’s smurf blue era to the present. 

So, I had a few contractors come in.  I had in my head that since I wasn’t changing too much there was no way it would be as expensive as I had heard it would be. NOPE I was wrong.  First estimate, $7500, Second estimate, $6000 and Third estimate, $12,500! Yah, not happening.  Due to the realization of the astronomical cost of the remodel we pulled back on that project for awhile.  We knew to sell our home we needed to get the bathroom done, but I refused to pay that kind of money for someone to take tile off my wall and install a new tub, toilet, and vanity.  I’m sorry that was insanity to me.  I was keeping the original flooring cause I like to incorporate the old and new. I was not changing anything about the bathroom aside from just replacing everything.  There were no walls coming down, no sub-floor to be replaced.  It was just absurd in my mind to pay for it.  So again, much like my kitchen had been, I found myself waiting and saving my money. Ugh!

A few months later, I was cleaning the bathroom, when I noticed a crack in one of the tiles on the wall. For no reason what so ever, I left the bathroom and grabbed a flat head screwdriver and proceeded to pick at the cracked tile until it came off the wall. Then I started picking at the tile next to it and then another.  After about an hour of totally spacing and picking tiles off the wall I had a huge mess.  I looked at the mess and decided there was no turning back so I started remodeling my own bathroom.

Before (Realtor Picture before we bought the house. I destroyed my bathroom and never thought to take the before picture. Also, don’t be fooled, the entire tub and surrounding walls were blue tile.)

Bathroom - Before

After, I started “picking”


I decided to keep the floor I found it to be unique, pretty and in perfect condition. The bathroom shower walls however were in HORRIBLE condition.  They were soggy and caving in.  The walls were going to have to be replaced, so out they came.


After demolishing the bathroom, I cleaned it up and took a white vinegar and water solution cleaned it down from floor to ceiling.  After letting it dry, I began to repair any holes. (Removing the mastic and tiles was a pain. Overall I think I did very good with my trusty scraper.  The wall suffered minor holes nothing significant requiring a patch.) I ended up caulking the holes and going over the entire wall surface with a skim coat to make a smooth uniform finish.  After, the skim coat was done and dry, I installed a new vanity and sink. (This is our only bathroom, so I had to do this all in parts so that we could still function and use the bathroom everyday). 


My next phase was to put up new walls in the tub.  That was a pain but alas it was done.


I sealed up seams, skim coated and primed.  (I have not decided yet on what I want for a shower faucet s I have not done that part yet). 

You may be wondering why my blue tub is still.  Well, the tub is in perfect condition.  It’s a nice tub and has all the right curves and angels.  So I am going to reface it vs rip it out.  I have a friend who recently refaced her tub and it came out fantastic.  You would think a professional came in and did it.  It has held up wonderfully.  

Surround being installed…


You will notice the right side of the shower surround is not installed.  That would be because I ran into a big problem.  I had decided to change the shower faucet and turns out I need to update the actual valve.  Well, when I went to turn off our water I discovered the valve that would shut this off is broken.  This is beyond my abilities and I really don’t want to destroy that main shut off, so I will leave it to the big guys.  

So for now, until the plumber comes, we are going to be taking a break from this project. 

I will post and update on this project, once it starts back up.









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