Bananas are yummy.  Who doesn’t love peeling open one of those yellow suckers and pretending we are a monkey from the Jungle Book? Well, I do! I’m confident in myself to admit it.  I get bananas every week when I go to the grocery store.  The usual routine is get some fresh yellow bananas, rush to eat them in a 2-3 day window and then use the rest of them that have gone bad to make Banana Bread.  It’s not that I mind this routine, I truly don’t.  In fact this routine has become an anchor,if you, will in my life.  There is always banana bread every week you, can count on it.  It’s just that I wish my window for actually consuming a ripe banana was slightly longer than the 2-3 days I manage to get.

Well, I recently discovered with a simple trick I could extend my ripe banana life by a few days.  I can get around another 2-3 days!  It’s really simple too.  The trick is….

Plastic Wrap or Aluminium Foil.

Yep, I didn’t believe it either when I first learned of this trick.  Had to be a joke. However, I did try it and it did work.  I get about a week now of fresh consumable bananas before I am forced to make banana bread.

The trick is to wrap the plastic wrap or aluminum foil around the stem of the cluster of bananas and put your bananas in the fridge.  Now, I will tell you if you do this and put them on your counter it will not work as well.  It is the combination of the wrap preventing air from getting to the exposed stems and the cold that makes this work.

Pretty awesome and simple! Enjoy!

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