It’s Fall over here in Massachusetts!  That means its time to put away your watermelons and break out your pumpkins! One of the best parts of fall, over here in Mass, is the foliage.  The leaves turn a stunning array of reds, oranges, yellows and other various colors. The outside always looks so beautiful this time of year.  I always find myself trying to match the beauty of outside, on the inside of my home.  I think I come close, but I won’t lie outside is too pretty to match.  I do my best though.

In attempts to do my best and also recycle, I decided to start my fall decorating off by making a fall wreath.  I chose this craft because it is simplistic and yet, a beautiful addition to any space.

What You Will Need:
  • Grape Vine Wreath
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Fake Flowers
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors


  1. First thing you need to do and I highly recommend this if you are working with a grape-vine wreath. Cut off the bits of the vine that are going to cause you trouble.  You don’t want to cut all of them just the problematic ones. 


  2. Next, take your burlap ribbon and wrap it around the wreath.  Make sure you put a dabble of hot glue down every so often, to keep the burlap ribbon in place. 


  3. Take you fake flowers and pop the tops off the stems.  If you can’t pop them off then simply cut them.  You want to have a little piece sticking out from the back.  It will help anchor the flower top to the wreath.
    Wreath 3.JPGWreath 4
  4. Grab your hot glue gun and put a drop into a crevasse of the wreath then stick the stem into the crevasse.  Hold for 5 secs and move on to your next flower.  
  5. Repeat this step until you have covered your wreath.

    Wreath 1

As, you can see it is really quite simple to do and makes for a pretty decoration to enjoy this Fall!



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