CHOCOLATE CANDY BARK. The ultimate sugar rush!  This sweet treat is simple to make and can be made with whatever sweet treats you like.  I like to make this around the “Holy Grail” of candy holidays…Halloween!  It is as fun to make, as it is to eat it!  

This can be made however you want.  This is no right or wrong recipe.  That’s the great thing about this. The sky is the limit.  

Below is the recipe I used.  You can choose to make it like this or piggy back off it.


Bark 1

What you will need:
  • Wax Paper
  • Cookie Sheet
  • 2-3 bags of semi sweet or bitter-sweet chocolate chips
  • Big Bowl
  • Little Bowl
  • Kit Kats
  • Candy Corn
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Chip Ahoy! Cookies
  • M&Ms Original
  • M&Ms Peanut
  • White Chocolate Chips
  • Candy Eyeballs


  1. Take a cookie sheet (I used a 9×12) and cover that sheet with a piece of wax paper.
  2. In the “Big” bowl, pour the 3 bags semi sweet or bitter-sweet chocolate chips.  Put that aside for now.
  3. Next, chop up the Kit Kat Bars and Chips Ahoy! Cookies into bite sized pieces and put them into the little bowl. Add white chocolate chips and mix that up.Bark 3.JPG
  4. Place the big bowl in the microwave and in 1 minute intervals heat up the chocolate chips until melted. Stir in between each interval.  You will be done once the chocolate is smooth and lump free.
  5. Take the melted chocolate and pour it onto the wax paper and use the back of your spoon or a spatula to spread it out.
  6. This is the fun part.  Take your Kit Kat, Mini Marshmallow and White Chocolate Chip mixture and sprinkle it onto the melted chocolate.  
  7. Then add the rest of your candies.
  8. Once you have completed this, place your tray in the refrigerator  until the bark melted chocolate is solid.  
  9. After the chocolate has solidified, remove the tray from then fridge and break the bark into a bunch of little pieces and enjoy!

Bark 4


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