This morning when I went to Dunkin’ Donuts, I decided to try something new.  Instead of my usual Hot Dunkaccino, I decided to try their new Hot Apple Cider they are featuring this fall season.  They offer both a hot version and iced version.  I tried only the hot version.

DD Apple Cider Review

So what did I think?


Visually – This did not have that thick, dark cider look to it the way you would expect if you bought a gallon of apple cider in the super market or if you got it from the farm stand.  It definitely had the appearance of apple juice.

Smell – I will say it did have a nice aroma to it.  It definitely has that apple smell and invites the feelings you get of a cozy fall day. 

Taste – This has a very bitter and watered down taste.  I can most certainly taste the various spices in this drink, but I feel that the flavor gets lost in how watery this drink is.  It in no way holds its own against a cup of farm hot cider.

Overall, this drink did not do it for me.  I personally love apple cider and this for me was not apple cider.  It does smell strongly of apples which is nice, but lacks in overall flavor and for that I can say I will not be ordering this in the future.


NOTE: Dunkin’ Donuts did not compensate me in any way for reviewing their fall Hot Apple Cider and I can go further to say they have no idea who I am, or of my existence 🙂

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