As you may have noticed, I have been in the process of transforming my shabby and depressing deck into my outdoor wonderland. It has been a pain in the butt and has taken longer than I have wanted due to nature deciding to rain practically every weekend since I started. Thanks life!  

Any who, I wanted to just post a quick review on a product I used.  This is NOT a paid review.  I am providing this review because I feel like it and wanted to share my experience with this product. 

The product I wanted to provide my review for is The Home Depot’s Behr Waterproofing & Sealer solid stain in the color Russet.  This is the product that I used on the horizontal surface and the lamp posts of my deck. Tah-Dah!


So why did I go with this product?

Well, I wanted a product that was going to do a few things.  I needed it to cover the hideous stains on the deck.  We had water stains, fire pit burns, grill grease stains and UV fade spots. I also wanted a product that would help seal in the splintering wood.  I looked at many products and I found that I was going to have to use a semi solid to solid stain to possibly a full on paint in order to achieve this.  I was honestly very nervous about using all of these as I had surfed through hundreds of consumer reviews and came across horror stories of how people had used these types of products only to waste tons of money when the found the deck started to crack and peel.  Trust me I hate those issues. They drive me up a wall.  Wasting money that I don’t have, only to have a product fail on me is beyond aggravating.

So, after considering my options and the integrity of my deck I ultimately chose this product.  I chose it because it was cost effective, the color was good and I didn’t have to get it mixed it was available in store ready to go right off the shelf. (Yes, sometimes I am lazy and don’t want to wait for a color to mix or be shipped to me.)

I definitely have to say preparation of your deck prior to application is key.  I did a lot of prep for this deck. 

Preparations Made:

  • Replaced the compromised wood
  • Renailed loose boards
  • Used a wood bleach by Clorox, got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed it until all the grey weather gunk came off.
  • Lightly Sanded 
  • Let it fully dry
  • Did a water test to make sure water was absorbing into the wood and not beading on the surface. (Note: If the water beads it means that you wood is NOT ready to accept stain. So get back on your hands and knees and clean and sand some more)


After that I used a brush that is made for staining to stain the lamp posts, the edge of the deck and the cracks in between the planks.  I then rolled the product with a long roller which had a head made for stain on the remaining surface.  After the first coat I let the product dried for about 2 hours and then repeated those exact same steps for my second coat.  After the second coat I let the deck dry/cure for 72 hours before walking on it.  


  • Coverage of stains is fantastic. It took me one coat to high 90% of the stains.  After the second coat they were completely covered.
  • With proper application the color comes out very even and universal.
  • Cost effective
  • A little goes a long way.  I was able to do a gallon per coat.  So I only used a total of 2 gallons
  • Smell is mild.  It does not have an over powering, headache inducing smell.


  • It does not seal in the splinters as well as I would like. It does a decent enough job that I can walk around barefoot on the deck, but not a good enough job where I would say the threat of splinters in said foot are eliminated.  
  • It is very watery, so if you are not careful during application you could end up wasting a lot of this product which can essentially cost you more than it should.


Overall, I would recommend this product to others.  Again, make sure you take the time and understand it takes time to properly prep the deck.  A quick power wash is NOT enough to prep a deck properly.  If you do that and apply the product properly you should see a wonderful transformation of your deck.

Note: I will post a review in a couple of months so you can see how the deck is holding up.


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